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I ♥ Marc

We’re going to Niagara Falls tonight! 🙂 We just have to find a cheap hotel now! 🙂 I am uber excited 🙂 I love love love LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ him for going along with my crazy spur the moment trip ideas!

He’s in for a BIG SURPRISE… shhh….


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Old Maid…to… Urban Decay


I am dressed like an old lady today.  I have a black pencil skirt, a turqoise chemi under a casmere cardigan with black tights and oxford heels.


To top it off, I have a black bow holding my hair up.  Maybe my get-up is making me embody the attitude of an angry old maid.  Explains why I’m so intolerant and bitchy today.


Cut my head off cuz it looks like ass in the photo.


People have asked me how I make my eye liner so sharp and make perfect “wings”. Well here’s the secret: I bought this liquid eyeliner from Urban decay with the best application brush ever. the liner liquid doesn’t clump or dry out and the brush is long, thin and agile that allows perfect application. It’s a tad pricy but definitely worth every penny.

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He thinks I give a damn…

Is it full moon today?
Or does everyone have something stuck up their ass?

It’s one of those days when everyone calls just to bitch about one thing or another. I won’t get into the details of the individual complains, but they are all attributed to the customer’s neglect, not our problem. If it was amistake of ours, I have no problem issuing an reimbursement or resolving the problem peacefully and immediately.

I am generally regarded as the “nice” manager, the one that is soft in the heart and let customers win the battle. I obtained this attribute from working as a waitress and restaurant manager where the customer is always right. Anyhow, today I am taking no bullshit and if you piss me off, you are going to get it.

This applies to the business next to ours that came in to bitch about something that we were doing in front of the store (again not giving details) and how it will result in possibly losing his customers. Like I gave a shit…


…The Happy Lainy is definitely Grumpy Lainy today…

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Why eat Well When You Can Eat Crap?


Ths was a weekend of eating CRAP! I don’t recall eating any true green vegetables, but I do remember going through Drive Thrus a lot.  A Whole lot.


We started Saturday morning with a super yummy Ham Omlette with hashbrowns and Spicy Ketchup from Chez Moi.  It was so delicious…. I think I make the best omlettes in the world.  Maybe I should open a restaurant.

I found the cutest girl boxers at H&M! These were in the kids’ section and were sized 14 yrs.  But they fit great!! They’re all sparkly and adorable!.  Marc loves them too… 😉 They’ve got tons of cute Hello Kitty stuff there like barettes, hair clips, socks etc etc.  I haven’t gone shopping in a mall for a long time… It was so hard not shopping when I went there to grab some swim shorts for Christopher so we can go to the beach…  WILL POWER… WILL POWER…. All I got were his swim shorts and my undies! YAy me!


We then took a little nap on the couch all cuddled up.  We’re definitely the gayest couple ever. 


We woke up way too late to go to the beach, instead, we’re going to head to the food fest.  We grabbed some Mc D’s for the little hungry buggy and Marc and I shared a McChicken, just before heading to the FoodFest; we’re smart like that. 


They had the same rides for the kids as Kids Expo… So why bother going to both?  Overall, I was pretty dissappointed at the entire festival.  There wasn’t any good shopping.  Marc just found a place that sold 3 T-shirts for $20 that he picked up because he needed a present for his friend. 
The food vendors weren’t spectacular either.  They had several well known restaurants like Under the Volcano, Sammy’s Tanakaya Etc. there selling their best yummy products.  But nothing I haven’t tried before.  I wish it was even more internation and showcased fod that is truly rare.  Maybe I just eat out too much.   Maybe I didn’t have apetite for anything because I just had a Mc Chicken… I don’t know….
Christopher decided that he wouldn’t leave until he played with the rubber duckies, so we let him and he won a little green froggy which he adored. Hearing him retell the story was totally worth it. “I picked up won, too, free~.. free duckies. then man said no more, then I put duckies back in water…” AWWWWW…. I’m smitten… just smitten.
We walked home from the festival with a soft served ice cream cone each. I still say “Thank you for the ____, Marc” Everytime he pays for anything for me. He thinks it’s the cutest thing. What can I say, I was brought up with good manners.
Our friends Amanda and Darryl called us up and we headed down to Cambridge to see Darryl’s new house. On our way, we stopped by Wendy’s because Christopher was hungry. He had a kids meal and Marc and I shared another chicken sandwich.
There was a fireworks display at a nearby park at 10pm, it was pretty impressive considering that it was only a suburb-subdivision area event. Marc picked Christopher up-side down because he thought it’d be funny, and he ended up puking on Amanda. And we all got eaten alive by mosquitoes; Good times.


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Rape my childhood why don’t you?

I grew up in a very different culture than the one most of you are familiar with in the Western World. Hong Kong was just as, if not more technologically advanced than North America. Our economy prospered and was labelled the shopping heaven of Asia. (ok, now Tokyo took over the title) Children didn’t have Sesame Street and Barney to sing along to. Instead, we had gruesome adult-rated Sailormoon, Dragon Ball and yes, Transformers. All school aged kids know how to sing both the Japanese and Cantonese version of the Dragon Ball theme song.

When we moved to Canada, we took these fond memories of our favorite cartoons with us that are sacred to us, and we held it dear. Then Japanese animation’s popularity were an international hit. Horridly dubbed Sailormoon and Dragon Ball aied on YTV and Cartoon Network. Imitation action figures and toys were available at toy stores everywhere.

I, amongst many Asian kids were saddened by this phenomenon. These cartoons were special to us; something that defined our identities. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to share it with the world, but by making horrible action figures, dubbing the cartoon with completely wrong conversations, makes it into a horrible joke.
Maybe I am taking this too personally. We grew up with great respect to these animation. America took over it, bought it, whatever, and took the sanctity of it away. Raped it basically. And broke it down from something with sophistication to mainstream idiocracy.

I am sure any Comic book Intellect can relate when the X-men movie came out. The movie just doesn’t quite stick to the same story of the comic.

I am sure any true punk can relate when Simple Plan declared themselves as punk music. The raw emotion and meaning of Punk is stripped and simplified for the mainstream audience.

This is my review of Transformers. This, along with the new G.I. Joe movie, the DVD Dragon Ball movie and all the Marvel Movies. They’re all fantastic movies, extremely entertaining and vivid… but at the end, I can’t help but shake my head and sigh…. I feel like my childhood was raped.


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Tour de ma ROOM

I love how the sun sets at 9pm. Though it’s making me sleep later, but I seem to have so much more energy.
We’ve been decorating the house this week, we got some more photography framed and hung them up on our boring balcony door wall. Still got to find a couple of large pieces on our walls.
Adding some green to our apartment, this is my little herb garden. My little parsley, basil, mint and lavender plant. I ask them everyday when I come home if they’re thirsty, so I water them, hoping they’ll grow nice and big so my culinary delights can be well garnished and spiced.
I have a little tribute to my closest friends and family in my room. I don’t have very many family pictures up, but that’s only because they’re not big on getting their pics taken. I’m sure my little collection with grow.
Marc made me this gorgeous vanity when he was learning carpentry! He made it so that the 2 sides can slide together to become a dresser and the mirror can be folded down as well. It was stained a mahogony brown just the way I love it; the picture just doesn’t do it justice. This is my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house.
My walk-in closet is a total and utter mess. I would like to organize it one day, but that day isn’t in the near future. Maybe if I have one of those days when I do a crazy top-to-bottom-to-top clean/organization.
This is what I wanted to wear going to watching Transformers 2, but I later decided that it was way too prositute-like and prob. better saved for the bar. I didn’t have time to take a picture before I ran out the door…. but it was a kitty-cat t-shirt and black skirt.
What a horrible pose, I look so slouchy and lazy… I swear, my posture is slightly better than that. Decided to slut it up at work today.. this slit it’s hip high. Completely inappropriate but I am not really seeing clients today…

It’s a gorgeous day so I think I’m going to a patio somewhere and hang or tan.. or whatever… see you k? bye!

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Micheal Jackson

At approx 3pm micheal jackson died today. A legend is dead, the king of pop, the moonwalker… The media magnet left us. He left us as a mystery. Who he really was, what was he thinking? What happened? All still a mystery…
Rip Micheal Jackson I hope that you have finally found your peace.

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