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Post-Purchase depression Review

12536094Several weeks ago, I found these wall decals online from Orqueshaw and I finally got it up this weekend! I absolutely love it.  I don’t think this photo does it justice! It looks like it’s stenciled on with paint.  I’ve seen many different versions of the same thing for sale at Walmart, Canadian Tire etc.  But the quality is not even close to this one!  I’m planning my next purchase already.


I also got my ELF cosmetics that same day.  I’m still gradually going through all the different products I got.  So far, I ‘ve been pretty impressed with everything.  Two complaint though: 1) the eyeliner smells sorta funky.  2) I bought 2 of the eye makeup removed pads for cleaning makeup off.  But the surface is way too small and I end up using half the package (about 15 in total) in a day. 


I found this little cutie at the Flea Market in Grand Bend.  It is by VOODOO Friends (Canadian Company) Colleague said it was errie, yet cute.  Couldn’t agree more, that’s why I love it so much!  This particular one is Sassy Girl She “will give you self confidence.  She will make you look like the world is at your feet.  She also gives you fashion Inspiration. “  I can’t wait to go back to get a cellphone chain VooDoo Doll 🙂

That’s it so far.  I’ve been so happy with my purchases lately… Can’t wait to spend more of Marc’s my money.


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Gold’s Gym London

img_SPX5675I’m all up for trying the best and the newest.  Yesterday, Marc and I  signed up for a 7 day free trial to Gold’s Gym.  It’s one of the most popular gyms in North America and it boasts as “the largest co-ed gym chain in the world, recognized for our passion, unique heritage, and experience as the authority in fitness. We inspire our members with unrivaled energy, and provide the finest equipment and fitness knowledge available to help our members achieve their individual potential. “

The London is a gorgeous 86,000 sq ft facility with incredible amenities, unlike any other health & fitness club in London!  It definitely is gorgeous in the inside and I was tempted to join simply because all their equipement are brand new.   Marc and I both loved the Ipod docking station at every machine that is directly connected to every machine’s touch screen system where you can listen to your music or watch TV.  They also have USB drives at every machine so you can record your progress and basically customize your workout for you.  How cool?

I haven’t tried it out yet, but there is also a cardio theatre where you can watch the screening movie in a theatre setting while doing your cardio.   Like most gyms, there are classes and personal trainers available.  As well as  steam showers, sauna, hot tub, lane swimming pool and kiddie care.  My favorite part of the gym has got to be the Woman’s section.  They have a woman’s only fitness area (pfft no use to me personally, I like showing off my bod as I work out) a very pretty change room and private showers.  I will post pics up when I go again tonight.

The one thing I hate about the gym is that it is in butt-fuck-no-where on the SOUTHSIDE of hwy 401. 

Anyone wanna join me tonight?


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2’s My Lucky Number


Marc and I now have a new obsession, all we want to do is buy stuff for our lil apartment.  I think we need more life in the apartment.  We went and got four little herb plants to put on the window sill: Lavender, Parsley, Basil and Mint.  All I can smell now is Basil in our house. Last night during a late night grocery run, we got some red roses too.  Just to make is appear as if he bought me red roses.  But it’s just all just for show. In fact, I paid for those roses myself.


I am not quite inpressed with the photo quality, my bberry Camera sucks. My PC’s been infected with some sort of virus/worm thing for awhile now and refuses to load. So my digicam pics are trapped in the camera… for now. I’m going to get a laptop soon, and free those photos onto facebook and the rest of the web.
I snatched this lil iron piggy tealight holder from HomeSense over the weekend. Normally, I am not a piggy fan, but I’m so in love with its lil wings and snout.  I’ve made it my mission to find a little friend for him, so on Sunday, we decided to go on an inpromptu trip to Grand Bend to search for the legendary Flea Market of all Flea Markets.  Pics from that day will come soon.


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