Improviso: Grand Bend

I cannot sit at home all day and stare at a TV. Infact, I can’t stay at home very long at all. I am always out and about, especially if the weather is gorgeous. So I came up with this idea to search for a friend for my little Piggy tealight holder. One thing led to another, and the bf and toddler were packed up and we were on our way to Grand Bend’s Flea Market.
The GPS took us to “the Pinery” Flea Market just outside of Grand Bend. I’ve never been to a real flea market before, I had high high hopes. The only flea markets I’ve seen were on Teasure and deco shows like “Sarah’s Cottage” and “Trading Spaces”. What happened to those shows anyways? They used to be all the hype on TLC; reno and deco. Now it’s all about the disfunctional families of a trillion kids. But I digress… Ya, they always seem to find amazing stuff at Flea Markets and I think I should too.
Seriously, when you are used to driving 2+ hours to Toronto every weekend. the one hour drive to Grand Bend feels like you’re driving across town. That’s what I kept saying to Marc, of course he disagreed; probably because he was the driver.
Marc made a comment about how our relationship was extremely fair and compromising. Simply because I offered to drive home since he drove there. This is a good sign, I thought I’m definitely holding the better end of the stick, but since he hasn’t caught on yet, I can continue.
Maybe I shouldn’t put this picture up… This is clearly, not the proper carseat buckling, he must’ve wiggled it out of place or it just wasn’t tightened enough. I can assure you, this is not the normal way he’s buckled. Anywho, The Flea Market was not as impressive as I thought, though the antique fire truck was the most amazing thing to Christopher. He’s amazed by all things mechanical.
Quiz of the day, Why is the word “Fire Dept” written backwords? It’s the same reason why ambulances are. So drivers can see it read “Fire Dept.” Written properly in their rear view mirror. Most people knew this. Marc didn’t think I did.
I love the setting of the flea market, it was under a bunch of old trees so it was shady and cool. From far, it looks kind of like a hobo town or a Gypsy market. I guess that’s where Flea Market orginated from. I was hoping for more antiques and crafts. But instead there were a lot of Fake Chanel and Gucci, Grandma’s house antiques and other mass marketed merch. “Sham-Eeze” was there for godssake.
Note to self: Bring CASH when shopping at a flea market. Seems like common sense, but it skipped our minds. But it stopped me from buying a lot of junk that I wanted just cause it was shiny.
Marc bought me my little VooDoo Friend Keychain, he also bought Christopher 2 dinky cars, a chocolate croissant and a delicious cookie. It was amazing though, I thought Christopher would’ve wanted a lot of toys, but when we walked through vendors with toys, he showed some interest but then had no interest in taking them home. We finally stopped at a vendor with a bin full of little toys. He picked and chose for a good 10 minutes and settled on 2 dinky cars for $2.
Overall, we had a good time, but it wasn’t as spetacular as I expected. I didn’t find a friend for little piggy. Maybe I had my hopes too high so I was bound to be disappointed. We ended the day in Grand Bend with a late lunch and played at the playground on the new boardwalk of the beach.



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7 responses to “Improviso: Grand Bend

  1. so adore flea markets

  2. I’ve always liked the Pinery flea market. Lots of weird random crap there. I once saw someone selling puppies, which were cute as hell, but who buys a puppy at a flea market?

  3. Your little guy is soooo cute! Looks like a fun place…I’ve never been. The only flea markets I’ve been to is Gibraltar and the one waaaaay out Dundas (but I forget what it’s called)

    • thehappylainy

      umm.. ugh at the tip of y tongue.. I can’t remember now.. but it’s by Thorndale. They have nice stuff there. Let’s go to St. Jacob’s one day and we’ll take Pronk too ha ha

  4. That is one adorable little boy!

    I love kids – especially when they aren’t mine (since I don’t have any) and I can simply just hop them up on sugar and then send them on home when they’re all tired and cranky.

    • thehappylainy

      ugh! I was going to ask u to babysit! YOu just lost a part-time job missy! lol … thanks though.. he is cute

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