Felicitation.. or something like that


My work BFF just graduated from college! To give him a big WOo Hoo, I threw him a little Pizza and Wing Party.  (Am I the BEST manager or what?!) We got Pizza Pizza we got a medium pizza deal with 10 wings AND 4 pops for $19.99.  What a fanny tassy iccy deal!  If you haven’t already noticed, there are two things I love: Food and a Great Deal!P6170759

Definitely not a good pic.  I took this on a rainy day as I was driving down Dundas about to turn left.  Notice the green light? Probably not a good time to be taking a photo.  But I thought I need to take a pic of the wonderful Thames River Fountain before I forget.  Normally, I am not pleased with these useless spending of our city tax moula, but I am impressed by this fountain in 2 ways:


1. Artisticly: It’s awesome because when you are driving down Riverside towards Dundas, you can easilly pass by this fountain without noticing it.  But one look in your rearview mirror and you see this great curvature of water bridging from what appears to be the road you just drove by.  Did you drive under a water fountain and not notice it?  Nope, just an illusion.  Kind of like life itself; you can go through life and completely miss something incredibly just because you’re not paying attention and you look back and realize what you’ve missed and be awed.  Kind of like London really.  You can life in this city and think how boring and how ridiculous the city council is.  But if you leave the city, you’ll notice what great things you’ve missed. 
2.  Functionality.  Now I never read up on this or researched it.  This is simply through the word of mouth.  Everyone knows that our Thames River is as toxic as Lake Springfield so no one really wants to be sprayed by the water of the fountain when the wind’s at a bad position.  Well the ingenious designers have created a contraption that detects the wind direction and adjusts the nossel and water pressure accordingly.  How cool is that?

Ok.. I’ve rambled on more than I’ve wanted so I’m going to give it a rest.  Au revoir mes Amis.  Bon Nuit!


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