Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

LAINYThis is my tribute to Asian Poses.  I would do more, but I’m just not quite Asian Model material.  I’ve had many gents propose their undying wish to sleep with me.  Not because I am so lovable, seductive or sizzling.  But simply because I am Asian.  *sigh* To be a fetish…

P6180764I had the day off yesterday.  I planned for an ultra productive day of Getting-My-Shit-Together.  You know, do things that I normally can’t do because I work Mon-Fri:9-5…  Went to the Ministry of Health on York St.  It only took about 30min with a 14 min wait time.  What a pleasant surprise! I took Christopher with me and I packed him toys, juice and even a little sandwich just in case this is going to be a whole day excursion.  Better to be prepared than not right?

P6180765I came up with a brilliant idea to put more charges on my credit card, and went over to CakeWalkers to order a just because cake.  I walked in and told the chicky at the counter that I wanted a “just because” cake.  The ones on the display were nice but not special enough.  I suddenly came up with a brilliant idea to get a Maple Leafs cake since Marc loves the Leafs (and I threw out everything that has anything to do with the Leafs when he moved in)

As she was fillin the order sheet, I remembered that it was our friend Dave and Drew’s housewarming party this weekend. And HE Loves the Leafs! SCORE!  I got a housewarming present out of the way and by telling Marc that the cake idea originated from me thinking about him, I get extra points! It’s ok, my brilliance scares me too. Gonna pick it up on Sat, will post pics of my brilliance then. 


Ok… so I didn’t leave empty handed yesterday, I got a slice of moccachino cake, a slice of strawberry orange and 2 truffles too.  I should’ve taken pics but they were in our tummies within 5 minutes.  Everyone should find an excuse why they rock and go to Cake Walkers and reward yourselves with a slice of cake.  I think they were 2.45 each or something insane like that.  mmm

Lainy and Friends are heading to the Children’s Expo tonight! See everyone there 🙂



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2 responses to “Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

  1. Traci

    Very neat. I really like the decoration on the wall.

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