Kid’s Expo & The Puppy Carriage

It was a weekend of activities. I really don’t know why I can’t just stay home and relax. So on Friday, we went to the Kid’s Expo. I told everyone that I needed to go because of Christopher and he’d love it, but really, I went there for the funnel cake.

The rides were not spectacular even through my 3 year-old’s eyes.  There were 4-5 rides that the kids can go on.  Christopher picked the car-merry-go-around, and a spiny bus ride.  He was not impressed on the merry-go-around because he didn’t get the to drive the car from the frount seat.  It’s just like any other car ride for him.  I went on the little up and down bus with Christopher and when I got off, I felt like I was going to puke.  Never knew I’d be too old for kids rides, but alas, I am 😦


Stacey decided to join us in our outting.  She brought her two little chihuauhuas with her in a little carriage!! It was adorable.  Though we got a little funny looks from people, I thought it was a great contraption.  Little dogs get tired from walking too much so the carriage allows them to rest whenever they need to.  Added bonus, it keeps the dogs back from being able to attack other dogs in the park.  Not like they can do any harm really. 


You know what I learned at the Expo? they don’t make chocolate coins anymore! What s up with that?


O and guess who I saw? NIKKI! I didn’t say hi hecause I was a huge chicken and I look like a huge bag-hoe with a crazy friend who has dogs in a carriage and a manic son.  But her son was on stage!!!  YAY!


So It was an okay time, we had funnel cake that made me sort of sick and some fries that taste like ass.


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  1. OMG I did see you too!! I remember the doggies in the stroller because I was all like awwwwww I love those doggies!

    Are you going to the food festival? Maybe I’ll see you there!

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