You pay good money, you get crap

Remember how I was super stoked about my brilliant cake idea? Well on Saturday, Marc picked up the cake from Cake Walkers and this is what I got…


 WHAT THE FUCK??? Ok.. there are many things wrong with this cake..  can you spot it?

a) This “leaf” is horribly shaped and colored.  I am sure even I could’ve done a muich better job. and this place was  supposed to be the best cake makers in London!

b) Please note “Maple Leafs” Logo.  It saids “Maple Leaves” SPELT “L-E-A-V-E-S”  Not “The Maple Leafs” just Maple Leaves…. the decorater must’ve lived under a rock.  For non-hockey fans, here is a comparison image. 


I contemplated in telling everyone at the party that I made this embarrassing cake or just not have brought it all together.  We decided to bring it and tell everyone the story.  It was fabulous. … sad… but fabulous.



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4 responses to “You pay good money, you get crap

  1. Oh. My….I can’t even believe that!!!!! Just wow…incredible :/

  2. That is absolutely hilarious and so so sad. Best cake maker?? Next time I’ll make it, lol. Wow.

  3. You should totally submit this to .

    “Maple Leaves” made me LOL.

  4. Kym

    that is one sad cake… write that angry letter girl!!! haha!

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