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Get Rich Quick Schemes?

Everyone wants more money. I bet even Oprah wished she had more Money at her disposal. Well I have a simple wish, and that is to lower my consumer debt. By the American Standard, my debt is not extravagant. The Average American carries $8000 in Credit Card debt; this doesn’t include non-revolving debts like Car loans. I want to get rid of my debt before Student payments kick in at the end of September. Since I am not a long-term planner. I want rid of the debt in a month. I figured ince I am tying to shed pounds, might as well try and shed my debt at the same time.

My goal is to be credit card debt free by the end of August. This gives me 2 months and a tad to save up $3000 (plus interest). I’ve done some math, thanks to the 31 days in both July and August, that leaves me 67 days. And to save about $45 a day might seem easy, but that equals up to $658 every paycheck. That’s a tad unrealistic. So instead, I must result to making an extra $658 every 2 weeks. My colleague and I are brainstorming:

A) I know, get another part-time job. That sounds easy doesn’t it? But when I already work 50 plus hrs a week plus having Christopher, plus spending time with Marc, plus entertaining. There’s no time. I know I am a whiner… shut up.

B) Prostitution Ok, morals, ethics and self-respect aside, I am going to lose Marc if I do that. So that’s a no go. Can’t do adult massages either, that’s just gross. I had a dream I got a job doing it though. woke up crying….

C) Start a company I really don’t have any apecial attributes. Plus I think you need capital to start a company and you are bound to lose money in the first quarter.

D) Twitter earning: This is a lot more work than you would think. Plus, you are selling via your posts; thus making you lose credibility AND you are selling your twitter soul. I want to keep my twitter soul. Thank you.

E) Online Survey: I have tried that, tried many different sites and it takes a lot fo time and yields very very little return. Maybe I am just not in a surveyable demographic. I don’t know.

F) Why don’t I try a garage sale: Since I’ve just moved into an apartment, I have thrown out everything that I don’t want. Moreover, I have thrown out everytihng that I don’t want of Marc’s as well.

So I think I’ve come up qith some pretty damn good excuses why I can’t make money… How pessimistic is that?

So what’s your Get Rich Quick Scheme?



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I didn’t get aything for Mother’s Day btw…

Disclaimer: This post would be so much more exciting if I had images to support, but I don’t. Yesterday, I was much too exhausted to take pictures, I just wanted to sleep. So I am garnishing this post with some results I found when I googled, “Father’s Day”

Anywho, So it was Father’s Day on Sunday, but I didn’t have Christopher so we didn’t do anything. Marc is technically not his father, not even a step father. But in my heart, I think Marc fills the shoes of a father in our house. He takes cares of us like we are his little family. Christopher adores him and he recipricates with as much, if not more love. I can keep going on and on… but I won’t because it’s a tad too mushy.

So I had Christopher yesterday night, so we did a mini Belated Father’s Day with Marc. Just to show how much we appreciate him in our life. I went to the local grocery store and got a chocolate cake that read, “Happy Belated Father’s Day” (spelt correctly this time) I wanted to see if they can put a little toy golf cart on it and they did. For free. 🙂 (This is probably because I frantically searched through the book for a cake and then asked if they can be made instantly. Followed by asking for a pre-made cake with “Belated Father’s Day on it”– she felt sorry for me) I was so impressed by the service, the spelling of the clerk. She made my day. I wish I took a picture of it. Damn my laziness!!!

Christopher also gave Marc a card that I help him make about a week ago. Christopher ran into the house yesterday calling for him and said coyly, “I WUV WU” and gave him the card. I also wrote some mushy words in it that brought tears in his eyes. I love seeing Marc tear, I know it’s a tad sadistic. But I love seeing emotion in a guy and when it’s from joy and love it’s just so cute. awwwww~~~

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