I didn’t get aything for Mother’s Day btw…

Disclaimer: This post would be so much more exciting if I had images to support, but I don’t. Yesterday, I was much too exhausted to take pictures, I just wanted to sleep. So I am garnishing this post with some results I found when I googled, “Father’s Day”

Anywho, So it was Father’s Day on Sunday, but I didn’t have Christopher so we didn’t do anything. Marc is technically not his father, not even a step father. But in my heart, I think Marc fills the shoes of a father in our house. He takes cares of us like we are his little family. Christopher adores him and he recipricates with as much, if not more love. I can keep going on and on… but I won’t because it’s a tad too mushy.

So I had Christopher yesterday night, so we did a mini Belated Father’s Day with Marc. Just to show how much we appreciate him in our life. I went to the local grocery store and got a chocolate cake that read, “Happy Belated Father’s Day” (spelt correctly this time) I wanted to see if they can put a little toy golf cart on it and they did. For free. 🙂 (This is probably because I frantically searched through the book for a cake and then asked if they can be made instantly. Followed by asking for a pre-made cake with “Belated Father’s Day on it”– she felt sorry for me) I was so impressed by the service, the spelling of the clerk. She made my day. I wish I took a picture of it. Damn my laziness!!!

Christopher also gave Marc a card that I help him make about a week ago. Christopher ran into the house yesterday calling for him and said coyly, “I WUV WU” and gave him the card. I also wrote some mushy words in it that brought tears in his eyes. I love seeing Marc tear, I know it’s a tad sadistic. But I love seeing emotion in a guy and when it’s from joy and love it’s just so cute. awwwww~~~


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