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Never Argue with the Asian

Because people love telling me things I really don’t care about, I found out that Transformers 2 came out on Tuesday and everyone’s been raving about it.  Being in the generation raised by Transformers and G.I. Joe’s Marc can’t wait to see it. 


He called me frantically to announce the news that we’re going to watch this movie tonight.  I am uber sleepy, but since he’s such great sport and goes to whatever crazy thing that I want to go to, I will sit through this 2.5 hr movie.  I wanted to get the VIP movie tickets so I can at least enjoy sushi while watching this movie, but it’s sold out.  What’s VIP?  Well it’s a movie theatre that serves alcohol and food while you watch the movie, complete with waitresses and lean back/foot rest chairs and everything.  You snooze you loose I guess…


To dignify the North American Animation superiority to the Asians (ya.. whatever) Marc insisted that Transformers was a North American Phenomenon and later adapted to the Asians.  Ridic!  My brother had Transformers toys from Japan way before I was even born!  I vividly remember the little figures that can change into other things, but joint together to make bigger robots etc etc…


I remember trying to poke my brother’s eye out with this one.

So we went to the source of all knowledge; Google. And low and behold, I was right! Transformers was created by the Japanese. The Transformers began with the 1970s Japanese toy lines Microman and Diaclone. Just like Sailormoon and Dragon Ball! It sort of infuriates me. But that’s a whole other story and whole other post…

So I’ll write a review tomorrow. If you’re going to watch the 7:10 show tonight at Masonville, wake me up if I snore too loud.

O and this is date night V.06.25.09 I guess… there better be marble slab during, before or after the movie.


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Farrah Fawcett Farewell

I obviously don’t know Farah Fawcett. I know her as a gorgeous Blonde with great hair. Not too long ago, I heard about how furious she was when the secret regarding her cancer was leaked to the public. Today, the battle with cancer ended with her taken away from us. 

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I am saddened by this, human life is so fragile and precious and with all the fame and fortune she has aquired didn’t save her from the inevitible.  However, she did leave a legacy and thus her spirit will live on.


RIP Farah Fawcett

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What do you do when the sunsets?


I haven’t been out to the bars in London for awhile… My friends think I’ve been kidnapped or raped! This set was from 2 months or so ago during Club Mansion’s White Party.  I was super excited to go, but then we didn’t get in.  Guess we aren’t as special as we thought.

So we ended up at Cello where we drank European Beer and fancy martini’s.  People think it’s weird that I go to the bars with Marc.  I love going to the bars with him.   We have very mutual friends so we party well together.  He’s like my protector at the bar, making sure I don’t get in any trouble. 

I think we’ve gotta go to the clubs this Friday… I miss dancing~I’ve got this new dress from Sirens (I normally never shop there, but it was short and cheap) It’s not quite fancy enough for Mansion or 29, so I think I’m going to head to The Frog or Club Large. 


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