What do you do when the sunsets?


I haven’t been out to the bars in London for awhile… My friends think I’ve been kidnapped or raped! This set was from 2 months or so ago during Club Mansion’s White Party.  I was super excited to go, but then we didn’t get in.  Guess we aren’t as special as we thought.

So we ended up at Cello where we drank European Beer and fancy martini’s.  People think it’s weird that I go to the bars with Marc.  I love going to the bars with him.   We have very mutual friends so we party well together.  He’s like my protector at the bar, making sure I don’t get in any trouble. 

I think we’ve gotta go to the clubs this Friday… I miss dancing~I’ve got this new dress from Sirens (I normally never shop there, but it was short and cheap) It’s not quite fancy enough for Mansion or 29, so I think I’m going to head to The Frog or Club Large. 



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  1. I tried going to the Mansion once too, and didn’t get in because of the stupid-long lineup. So I kinda hate the place now.

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