Useless Thursday v.07.02.09

This is my first Bored Thursday where I feature links that will entertain you while you wait for Friday to Arrive.


“Sharing a precious Engrish with Vigor.”
A site dedicated to  humorous English mistakes that appear in advertising, product labels etc.

Would you like to win your very own Engrish Shirt by Herrohachi? The lovely and talented KYM is giving away a hand made Engrish shirt!
Wha you waiting for?  Hur-lly up la!! July4th ends contest!!!! Touch me tenderly to go to happy place!



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3 responses to “Useless Thursday v.07.02.09

  1. kym

    i love engrish. i’m having an engrish giveaway tonight.. stay tuned. haha!

  2. kym

    lainy! you are way too sweet to link me on your page and promote my giveaway! thanks!!! i’ve already randomly picked the winner but don’t worry, i’ll have many more giveaways to come… probably another one this month 🙂 i love the last line… “touch me tenderly to go to happy place” hahaha! you are awesome 🙂

  3. bwhahahahah awesome

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