Useless Thursdays: Passive-Aggreesive Notes

I’ve been known to be quite the passive-agressive person. Basically, I’m a bitch and somewhat fake and sarcastic.  I’ve been writing passive-aggressive notes for years.  Mainly directed to a) bfs during war-times b)people parking in my parking spots c)roommates.  How excited I was to find an entire site dedicated to the art of Passive-Aggressive Notes.


Feel free to browse around the site for hrs of useless laughter.  It’s made me Laugh Out Loud creepily in my office several times. Or! Buy the book and take the laughter with you everywhere you go. 

No, Go Ahead, Enjoy… It’s my gift to you.


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One response to “Useless Thursdays: Passive-Aggreesive Notes

  1. kym

    haha i’ll definitely go check it out, thanks for sharing lainy! 😛

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