Mystery Dresses


This dress has history, I found it in my Mother’s closet several months back.  She said it belonged to me and I lend it to her, but she didn’t like it.  I can remember that I gave it to my mother because I didn’t like it either.  But I cannot remember where I got it from.  It’s not my style at all.  Mostly because the cut is too bold for my body, which in turn, made me look very plus size.  Anyhow, I took it back, along with it, a D&G Belt that my mom said matched the dress perfectly. 

There’s also a long sleeve version by Tommy Hilfiger that my mother returned to me, but again, I don’t recall which store I got it from… Random.  I wore this to work because I wanted to wear something slightly more comfortable and it looks kind of cute paired with my pink blouse.


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  1. i love this look! perfect for work & even happy hour afterwards! classic & sexy! ❤

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