The Passionate Eye: Sex Slaves

slavesThe Passionate eye featured a documentary yesterday on Sex Slaves. This documentary focused mainly on girls taken from impoviahed Eastern Europe, like Moldova. These girls are often lured in by promise of jobs and money to work in hotels, restaurants by travelling to foreign countries such as Turkey, Yugloslavia, Albania, England and even Canada. However, once arrived, they are sold off to pimps as sex slaves, raped and beaten for nothing in exchange. These girls are sold by traffickers that sell them for as little as $1000 by people they trusted.

Though a lot of girls do travel abroad to find jobs and are successful, many are not. The most horrific matter is that the police are often bought off by these pimps so there isn’t even use going to authorities. Moreover, even given concrete evidence, the jurisdiction protects the offenders and gives the sex slaves no rights because they are technically illegally in the country.

Canada isn’t innocent either! The canadian government legalized a stripper visa that let’s girls legally come to Canada to be worked as sex slaves. Like in Europe, these girls thought they were in the country to make money at hotels or restaurants, end up signing contracts as strippers because they don’t know the language. And in turn was used as sex slaves.

I trully think that there are several angles the war on human trafficking must be fought from. Internationally, the demand for such services must be eliminated and therefore without demand, there shall not be any supply. Secondly, the main reason that these girls are risking their lives is because of the poverty. After being returned as a sex slave, one girl was forced to go back to Turkey to prosptitute for herself to make money for the family.

The Government MUST take action in protecting the rights of these women as victims of human rights violations and be protected from returning to the world of prostitution.  Violators must be punished and stricter regulations must be made against trafficing of all kinds.

It baffles me that we are living in such luxury with such great prosperity and moaning that we have to give up our million dollar homes when across the ocean, people are being forced into prostitution. And where a legal system is so corrupt that asking the police for help will only harm the situation. Don’t think I am a huge commie or anything, but why can’t we just spread out the wealth where everyone can live comfortably. O right, humans are greedy…

I have to research further on different international activist groups that are fighting against human trafficking. So definitely going to have links coming up. As well as a link to the documentary.

Read about the documentary

Frontline PBS website for more information

Anti-slavery International

Marc and I are deeply disturbed by the events of this documentary.  We both watched it from the beginning to the end and definitely want to do something about it.  We want to contribute to the cause.  We don’t believe that donating money will create long term change.  However, we haven’t found any real ACTION that we can get involved with.


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  1. Duramax

    Shut up bitch, if women weren’t so damn snobby and stuck up then some of us wouldn’t have to buy a sex slave. Let me tell you that I’d buy one, two or three if I knew where to go. Just because I’m not what people would consider handsome or rich I have to live alone, so I say yeah, kidnap em, beat em and make em slaves. This is what you women have drove me to, are you happy?

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