No one can teach you about yourself, but you.


Maturity is something that cannot be rushed, it really doesn’t mean that you’ve hit puberty and you can say “penis” without giggling.  It is trains of logic and views on life that can only be gained by experience.  You can sure read and learn about maturity in books, but to gain maturity, it must be experienced.  This is where rites of passage are so crucial in every adolescent’s life. 

This might seem like a birthday-reflection-post, but no, my birthday is still about 4 months away.  It is crutial to document these special moments when you are just running in the treadmill known as your life.  And become completely spaced out to ask and answer questions to yourself about everything that is going on.

This is why I’ve matured in the past year:


– I don’t always need the spotlight on me, I am content in being the wall fly when it necessitates

– There’s no point in being something that I am not, and to answer who/what I am, there’s no answer to that except, I am me.  Factored in every experience that has occured in my life, I might have taken parts of everything and made it my own.  That is ME.  I am the American Melting pot of Persona. 

– I will never be Heidi Klum gorgeous, and I am ok with that.  Because I can work my best to be the best I can be and be Lainy Gorgeous.  I prefer that too.

– It is not essential to be popular and loved by everyone.  It is more important to be loved by people you love.  In the same regard, conforming to be loved is selling out to myself.

– Believing that something will never happen guarantees that it will happen.  Don’t take unnecessary risks and be less reckless.  Somethings simply can’t be gambled upon.

– I am not cool, I am not mod cool… I am not hip or stylish.  I do have taste, a minimalist monochromatic fashion sense that can swing between cute and frumpy.  But it doesn’t matter, I wear what I want to wear and feel how I want to feel.

Marc has taught me a lot about myself too… I will write more when I remember.  Learn a little more about me.



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2 responses to “No one can teach you about yourself, but you.

  1. *sigh* I can’t wait to grow up! I still can’t say penis or even vagina for that matter without either giggling hysterically or blushing like crazy!

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