One Gold Star for you

Has a man ever made you feel like the most amazing thing in the entire world.  Like you are worth the world and beyond? You realize what love is, not because any one particular thing, but you sit back and reflect and realize how absolutely incredible someone is and you just cannot live with them.


You might hate them sometimes, you want to kick  them in the balls a million times cause they say mean harsh words (that they probably don’t mean).  But you don’t, not only because it’s incredibly inhumane, but because well, you love them. 

There are a million reasons why I love Marc, but the latest episode made him just toppled the LOVE scale. 

This is what happened:

Thursday about 10pm after returning from the gym, we had a huge arguement involving salad dressing pounding on counter, Marc storming out and me going MIA until 1am.   And all this drama was because I got angry at him for not eating dinner…  We love blowing things out of proportion. 

Long story short, we made up cuz we both realized that we couldn’t stay mad at each other… I knew I was over being mad when I came out from the bathroom and I saw him when he got home and couldn’t stop myself from having a half grin from seeing him.  (And our make up sex is always fantastic.)


So not even 24 hrs after we fought, I came home from the gym to see fresh flowers on our dining table, a card and a…… SWAROVSKY bag!  Couldn’t believe it… it was a lovely little tearjerker card, a lululemon gift certificate AND a huge swarovsky ring!!!


All these are “just because” gifts.  There was never a boyfriend that has ever gotten me a just because gift.  It’s just  like my birthday!  What surprised me was that he picked the one that I loved most, and the sizing was perfect!


I am one lucky girl. 


He did good.


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