Now, you’ll never see what you’ve done to me


It’s apparantly bad taste to dance with your male friends and smack each other’s ass. 


Even though his girlfriends is right there, and my boyfriend is right there.  I smack his girlfriend’s ass with just as much love.


Marc is even friends with this guy and has no worries about anything that might happen between us… Not to mention that there’s nothing that can come between Marc and I.


Outsiders, friends alike doesn’t like this playfulness.  They are afraid that I’ll break Marc’s heart.  I love that they care about him.  But clearly they don’t know me.


I don’t flirt, I don’t know how to flirt.  I am just being playful with guys that I am comfortable with.  The ones that met me for me; likes me for me and not as X’s girlfriend, or Y’s friend.  There’s no sexual tention between us, we’re just play-flirting.


Maybe he just wasn’t there when I was grinding on this guy, and Marc was grinding on his girlfriend who was grinding up on me.  Thanks for caring but please don’t judge.

Am I really being inappropriate?



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2 responses to “Now, you’ll never see what you’ve done to me

  1. It’s only inappropriate if someone is getting hurt. Obviously nobody is here, so grind on! 🙂

  2. kym

    i say as long as you guys have an understanding and marc isn’t being hurt or doesn’t feel like he can trust you anymore….

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