Feature blogger: Heather

Hey everyone! It’s Heather from TotallyHeather.com. And I am so thrilled to be a guest writer for Lainy’s blog!

All day I’ve struggled with an idea to write about. Of course, when I’m under pressure, I get writer’s block. It’s something my publisher would change about me. In fact, it’s definitely something I would change about myself. It’s just another flaw to add to the list of life changes I’m trying to accomplish.

The first and most time consuming change that I am attempting to accomplish is changing my body. Right now, I have a far from ideal body shape and I’m actually really self-conscious about it. So how am I changing that? I hit the gym 6 days a week for about 2 hours. I’m eating healthier and six small meals a day instead of 3 large meals and a some junk food snacks. Right now, I stand at 5’2” and weigh… Well, we won’t exactly go into that. Instead, here’s a picture of me now and you can guess how much I weigh. This is my bravely sharing my BEFORE bikini shot. I can’t wait til I can show my AFTER shot.


Another physical change I want to make is my teeth. In high school, my wisdom teeth came in. Well they kind of came in. I have a very small mouth and they came in sideways. They pushed all of my teeth together and actually killed the inside of my front two teeth. So now they are inwards and kind of brown. So I’m saving for braces. And after I get braces, I’m going to get Lumineers to cover those two teeth. I’m actually so self-conscious about my teeth that I don’t smile with my teeth in pictures (this is me and my friend Erin at Disney trying on baby hats):


As it is, I’m actually a very outgoing person. I’m very social and I love to be around people. But strangely enough, I actually have relatively low self-esteem. I’m guessing it’s because of the latter two items that I commented on. So I’m trying to put myself out there more. I’m trying to be braver by smiling more often and not being too scared to wear a bathing suit in public. My first step in tackling that is by showing all of you what I look like in a bikini. I’m still in shock that I did that.

For me, change is exhilarating and great. And I only strive to change things that I know I can change. Otherwise, my efforts would be fruitless and I would make myself even more unhappy by trying to change things that just can’t change.

This is such an odd post for me. But I’d love to hear what you guys have to say! And I’d love to see you over at TotallyHeather.com!

Oh yeah, you can stalk me on Twitter @totallyheather



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5 responses to “Feature blogger: Heather

  1. thehappylainy

    Wonderful post! Your (before)bikini body is gorgeous. Moreimportantly, you had the bravery to wear it out in public exude self confidence and have fun. And I think that reveals more beauty than just sexy abs. Good luck on your workout! I go to the gym almost as much as you. I’ve been told to rest more often so I go about 5 times a week now.

  2. I think your before bikini body is hot! What are you trying to lose?! Some weight from behind your ear?

    It’s really nice to see you letting so much of yourself show (as in how you feel not how much skin you show!)

  3. Aw thanks, Jnney! But I actually find that picture ridiculously unflattering. And it’s probably decieving if you think I don’t need to lose weight. I’ll secretly tell you my weight on Twitter hahah.

  4. Ok, male perspective here:

    That’s BEFORE? Because you look damn good already. Seriously. And it really is awesome to see you being so open in your writing; I’ll definitely check out your blog.

  5. girl, ur before is amazing! i’m glad that you are trying to put yourself out there! ur really beautiful!

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