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To Bring?… or Not?

In less than 2 weeks I will be flying off to C.U.B.A. for a week.  not 5-day “week”… an entire 7-day week”!  So Uber-Uber-Uber excited!!!! …. o Shit just suddenly realized that I’ll be back the thursday before Thanksgiving.  Well, I knew that.. but completely forgot about the whole Thanksgiving dinner issue.  S.H.I.T.

oh well, I’ll worry about it later.  Right now, I have to worry about the trip.

I haven’t been to any tropical resort destinations.  As a Hong Kong-nese we went to Thailand, Singapore as the Asian Mexico, but that was LONG ago!  Don’t even remember what it was really like…. (except the Thailand pineapple fried rice… mmm….) I have no idea what to bring! What to wear!  The number 1 fear for most people when travelling is being ill prepared.  No, there’s no stats for that.  But since it’s true for me, must be for everyone else too.  We are going to Manzanillo, Cuba, a less developed and poorer part of the country.  Simple necessities will be expensive, and difficult to obtain.

I know there are some simple necessities:


  1. Swim suit (3)
  2. Shorts/skirts (4-5)
  3. Flip Flops (1)
  4. Flats/Sandal Flats (2)
  5. Summer Dress (2)
  6. Flowy evening sexy dress (2)
  7. Straw Hat
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Under garments
  10. Sweater
  11. Simple Accessories (want some earthy bangles and necklaces)

Other misc:

  1. ALL toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, louffa, floss)
  2. Make up
  3. Curling iron
  4. Adapter plug
  5. Bug Repellent
  6. Hair Spray
  7. Tylenol & simple first aid
  8. Camera & charger
  9. Hair Brush
  10. Sunscreen

 I know, vanity items took up most of the list.  That’s why I need your help to think of little things that I might need.  Also, are there any good island fashion tips? What are some good styles to wear three? Something simple, appropriate yet sexy?

Here are some looks I like:




Awww… so romantic.  Definitely going to leave all my black pieces at home


Cute as a frikkin button


For hanging out in the city.. substitute with denim shorts


Pink one at the bottom… too cute… must have!


ooo you sum it up so well! 🙂 I’m going to take you as my shopping list!



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Ever since I started this huge lifesyle altering workout and diet regime, I haven’t had a big delicious, juicy, tender, slightly charbroiled, smothered in a marinate glaze… STEAK. 

To examplify this lust, my friend just called and invited me to a BBQ this Friday; my RSVP is dependant on the presence of the guesof honor, Steak.  Also, for the past 3 days, I’ve been trying to find a Steak-like asatiation during my dinner.  Maybe a chicken breast’s protein would equate, maybe a grilled Salmon with Montreal steak sauce? Nope… still salivating at every The Keg commercial.  Omg, I am even writing a BLOG post about my need for steak.  It’s disgusting. 

Personal justification: It really doesn’t even make sense why I am avoiding steak.  Part of this new healthy-diet of mine is minimizing fats and maximizing protein. With the right cut of steak (Round, Sirloin.. Fillet… etc etc), grilled on a flame (not the amazingly yummy flat top) and marinated with minimum sodium content.  It’s actually super healthy, the protein will help me build muscle and with mroe muscle, I burn more calories and fat.  The important thing is to order a side of veggies instead of mashed potatoes or fries.   Ok.. I am convinced. 


Omg…. Look at you… you juicy, hunk.


Mushrooms are good for you too!


So I’ll see you at the friendly neighborhood Steakhouse, k?

Speaking of Steak houses.  Everyone knows Outback was my ultimate fav.  And since it’s shut-door in Ontario, I’m like a baby without it’s favorite toy…. or a carnavore without meat.  I’ve also befriended a lot of the ex-managers, cooks of the restaurant, hoping they will recreate the steak greatness for me.  One day… maybe…  I have gone as far as dating an ex- Steak chef.  (he hasn’t made me very many steak meals… last time was Feb I think)  Anyhow, through a grape vine, I heard the ex restaurant manager is Opening his own franchise in place, with the exkitchen manager as…. kitchen manager….THE GREAT CANADIAN STEAKHOUSE In the same location.  I’ve already contributed to the new menu.  Calamari, glazed salmon with sesame thai glaze.   So it’s going to be awhile until it opens.  But I’ll definately be there opening day!


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Brainwashed by Asian Cartoon

Had the CRaZIEST dream EVER!!

It felt so vivid and real, I swore it was really happening. 

It started with Marc and I at a hotel, pretty sure it was the Hilton.  Anyways, I was a SUPER SAIYAN.  I didn’t look like one (cuz I’m sure there isn’t female saiyans… anywho) but I KNEW I had super cool powers and I can float around and all that crazy stuff.  So we’re outside the hotel with everyone else who’s staying at the hotel because the hotel was being held hostage by…  Frieza.  Yes, the evil while and purple thing with a tail.  He was trying to kidnapp my son and another lady’s daughter. 


Wasn’t sure why, but I told Christopher to hang tight at the pool area with the crowd and I went inside to save the day or something.  So I was inside a room, looking down the glass window and checking up on Christopher, and I saw the bastard Frieza snagging my kid.  So it so happened that Christopher was the most super Saiyan ever, so that he just had to have him.  But it turned out the other lady’s daughter was even better, so he flies him up to my window.  (which is like the 20th floor or something) and starts dangling Christopher in the air trying to treatening me trade the lady’s daughter for Christopher.  The look in the poor little bugy’s face as he screams was enough for me to shove the other girl to him.  However, I didn’t want to trade another’s child’s life for mine but I couldn’t live without Christopher and I couldn’t imagine life without him.  So I had to come up with some sort of plan.


All of a sudden, I was outside the hotel again, and no one could get into the hotel, but I knew Christopher and evil Frieza was at the top floor so I had to get in some how.  So I devised a brilliant plan to use my sexuality to entice a fat Frieza sidekick to take me to his room inside the hotel so I can save Christopher….  Some pretty sexual things happened in the elevator up to his floor.  But when the elevator door opened, I saw Christopher standing there… So I Flew to him, grabbed him and broke through the window.  I can fly remember? I’m a Saiyan!


And I woke up to Christopher snuggling up to me and asking me to turn on the TV.

What I got out of the dream? I can’ve live without Christopher, the feeling of lost and love over him throughout my dream was so incredibly intense. 

What was Marc doing the entire time? Not sure, he f-ed off somewhere…. pfft.

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Working~ Stuck~ Frustrated~ Uncreative

Toddler’s being a royal pain-in-the-ass today.  Marc said he’s having one of those Lainy days… those Lainy Crabby days.  I wanted to take him to either the fair or the pioneer village.  But he insists on being a little whiny-screamy-annoying pain.  So now I’m stuck inside with him confined in his bedroom.  I am trying my best to ignore to his wailing and screaming for attention, and his occassional, “Mommy, are you happy now? Can I come out now?” I’d reply “No” and then more wailing and screaming….

Mommy’s happiness doesn’t elevate through time, it’s through your behavior….

- September 196

Now I have some much needed/deserved alone time with my new laptop.  Still not 100% happy with it, but at least I can get some updating done.   You see this horrible wordpress template I am sporting right now? I want to convert it to something much more personal and better.  Now, I’m not new to blogging…. I’ve had a blog off and on since I was 14.  But I remember one of the best tools for web design was MS Front Page.   It was one of these programs that seemed completely impossible to find.  If you, or know of anyone that has that program.  Please, do share. 

Any design, theme ideas would be great too.  🙂

Thank you….

PS: BTW, I am thinking about switching over to blogger.

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Hope You Partied on Without me


Guess what? I’ve got my laptop!!!

Now I can blog and be a social recruse again!  I regret buying it from Dell, but their purchasing process was so easy… and we all know how much I hate complicated purchases. 


I got the 15 inch Insprion Notebook (I think this image is of a mini… mine isn’t mini, it’s wide screen) I didn’t pay much for the system, under 900 and it included a printer, McAfee for a year, office and photoshop. 

So here’s the beef I have with it:

1) The GodDamn Cursor Pad SUCKs!!!!  I can’t use it for more than 5 mintues without my finger cramping up on me.  I need to press on the pad hard in order to move the cursor… the sensitivity just sucks. 

2) Basic indicator lights MIA.  Num Lock, Cap Lock… we take these indicator lights for granted.  This laptop isn’t equipped with these basic lights, they are displayed on the taskbar.  Probably something that just takes some getting used to.  But right now, it annoys the hell out of me. 

There were many other things that urked me, I can’t quite think of them now, but I am sure I’ll add to this post later.



It’s a gorgeous day, I’m going to take full advantage of today and go to the pioneer village with Christopher, maybe even Western Fair…


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