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To Bring?… or Not?

In less than 2 weeks I will be flying off to C.U.B.A. for a week.  not 5-day “week”… an entire 7-day week”!  So Uber-Uber-Uber excited!!!! …. o Shit just suddenly realized that I’ll be back the thursday before Thanksgiving.  Well, I knew that.. but completely forgot about the whole Thanksgiving dinner issue.  S.H.I.T.

oh well, I’ll worry about it later.  Right now, I have to worry about the trip.

I haven’t been to any tropical resort destinations.  As a Hong Kong-nese we went to Thailand, Singapore as the Asian Mexico, but that was LONG ago!  Don’t even remember what it was really like…. (except the Thailand pineapple fried rice… mmm….) I have no idea what to bring! What to wear!  The number 1 fear for most people when travelling is being ill prepared.  No, there’s no stats for that.  But since it’s true for me, must be for everyone else too.  We are going to Manzanillo, Cuba, a less developed and poorer part of the country.  Simple necessities will be expensive, and difficult to obtain.

I know there are some simple necessities:


  1. Swim suit (3)
  2. Shorts/skirts (4-5)
  3. Flip Flops (1)
  4. Flats/Sandal Flats (2)
  5. Summer Dress (2)
  6. Flowy evening sexy dress (2)
  7. Straw Hat
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Under garments
  10. Sweater
  11. Simple Accessories (want some earthy bangles and necklaces)

Other misc:

  1. ALL toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, louffa, floss)
  2. Make up
  3. Curling iron
  4. Adapter plug
  5. Bug Repellent
  6. Hair Spray
  7. Tylenol & simple first aid
  8. Camera & charger
  9. Hair Brush
  10. Sunscreen

 I know, vanity items took up most of the list.  That’s why I need your help to think of little things that I might need.  Also, are there any good island fashion tips? What are some good styles to wear three? Something simple, appropriate yet sexy?

Here are some looks I like:




Awww… so romantic.  Definitely going to leave all my black pieces at home


Cute as a frikkin button


For hanging out in the city.. substitute with denim shorts


Pink one at the bottom… too cute… must have!


ooo you sum it up so well! 🙂 I’m going to take you as my shopping list!



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A|X Summer 2009

I am not nearly as huge of a brand whore as I used to be.  Probably because I am now in poverty, no longer living under the moneytree protection of my parents.  But I digress….

I stumbled upon the A|X 2009 Summer collection and I love its entireity.  It’s bold, classy yet sexy. 



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Tooth Fairy

Tried out the Rembrant 2 hr teeth whitener. It was on sale at Shoppers for $29.99. Might as well give it a try.
step 1: Heat mouth guard-like things in water and shape it to the top and bottom of your teeth.
Step 2: Put Whitening gel on the top and bottom of the guard and put into place.
Step 3: Leave the Mouth guard in place for 20 minutes, take it out and rinse mouth and mouthguard. Wait 10 minutes. Repeat 3 more times=2 hrs in total.
By this time, both Christopher and Marc were napping so I was to entertain myself for 2 hrs….
I watered my plants… see how sad they look? Makes me sad.
Poor Basil and lavender plant. I’ve just never been good with plants.
Outfit I started the day with… first I didn’t wear the leggings, but Marc said it was way too short… this is slightly cuter anyways~
Glow in the dark unicorn my SB friend AJ gave me.. 🙂 Got to mail her something back… but what…??

… ooo ya.. and after the 2 hrs of whitening, my teeth were so sore. It stayed that way for about 24 hrs. I could eat and stuff, but it hurts quite a bit. The result was not quite as I wanted. I might try again next weekend and keep doing it once a week until I get the desired effect.


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Mystery Dresses


This dress has history, I found it in my Mother’s closet several months back.  She said it belonged to me and I lend it to her, but she didn’t like it.  I can remember that I gave it to my mother because I didn’t like it either.  But I cannot remember where I got it from.  It’s not my style at all.  Mostly because the cut is too bold for my body, which in turn, made me look very plus size.  Anyhow, I took it back, along with it, a D&G Belt that my mom said matched the dress perfectly. 

There’s also a long sleeve version by Tommy Hilfiger that my mother returned to me, but again, I don’t recall which store I got it from… Random.  I wore this to work because I wanted to wear something slightly more comfortable and it looks kind of cute paired with my pink blouse.

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Virtually Window Shopping…

I feel like a whale, I’m not big on shopping because I don’t want to try anything on.  But this hasn’t stop me from doing some online window shopping. No more Emo Lainy

Lately, I’ve been having issues with tops.  It’s very rare that I get inspired to purchase a top.  When I say “top” I mean fashion tops.  I see a lot of T-shirts and a lot of Blouses.  But they don’t inspire me at all!   Not that I’m a crazy hip fashionista or anything.  I’m pretty minimalist and definitely monochromatic.  I’ve found some good stuff online 🙂

Please try to follow along….

Let’s start with Mod Cloth:



I ♥ ♥ ♥ this one..


Told you I was monochromatic


Ya.. definitely 100% ♥♥♥

There’s tons more I love from ModCloth… too much to post.. click on the image to get to the page btw 🙂


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Old Maid…to… Urban Decay


I am dressed like an old lady today.  I have a black pencil skirt, a turqoise chemi under a casmere cardigan with black tights and oxford heels.


To top it off, I have a black bow holding my hair up.  Maybe my get-up is making me embody the attitude of an angry old maid.  Explains why I’m so intolerant and bitchy today.


Cut my head off cuz it looks like ass in the photo.


People have asked me how I make my eye liner so sharp and make perfect “wings”. Well here’s the secret: I bought this liquid eyeliner from Urban decay with the best application brush ever. the liner liquid doesn’t clump or dry out and the brush is long, thin and agile that allows perfect application. It’s a tad pricy but definitely worth every penny.

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Tour de ma ROOM

I love how the sun sets at 9pm. Though it’s making me sleep later, but I seem to have so much more energy.
We’ve been decorating the house this week, we got some more photography framed and hung them up on our boring balcony door wall. Still got to find a couple of large pieces on our walls.
Adding some green to our apartment, this is my little herb garden. My little parsley, basil, mint and lavender plant. I ask them everyday when I come home if they’re thirsty, so I water them, hoping they’ll grow nice and big so my culinary delights can be well garnished and spiced.
I have a little tribute to my closest friends and family in my room. I don’t have very many family pictures up, but that’s only because they’re not big on getting their pics taken. I’m sure my little collection with grow.
Marc made me this gorgeous vanity when he was learning carpentry! He made it so that the 2 sides can slide together to become a dresser and the mirror can be folded down as well. It was stained a mahogony brown just the way I love it; the picture just doesn’t do it justice. This is my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house.
My walk-in closet is a total and utter mess. I would like to organize it one day, but that day isn’t in the near future. Maybe if I have one of those days when I do a crazy top-to-bottom-to-top clean/organization.
This is what I wanted to wear going to watching Transformers 2, but I later decided that it was way too prositute-like and prob. better saved for the bar. I didn’t have time to take a picture before I ran out the door…. but it was a kitty-cat t-shirt and black skirt.
What a horrible pose, I look so slouchy and lazy… I swear, my posture is slightly better than that. Decided to slut it up at work today.. this slit it’s hip high. Completely inappropriate but I am not really seeing clients today…

It’s a gorgeous day so I think I’m going to a patio somewhere and hang or tan.. or whatever… see you k? bye!

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