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Ever since I started this huge lifesyle altering workout and diet regime, I haven’t had a big delicious, juicy, tender, slightly charbroiled, smothered in a marinate glaze… STEAK. 

To examplify this lust, my friend just called and invited me to a BBQ this Friday; my RSVP is dependant on the presence of the guesof honor, Steak.  Also, for the past 3 days, I’ve been trying to find a Steak-like asatiation during my dinner.  Maybe a chicken breast’s protein would equate, maybe a grilled Salmon with Montreal steak sauce? Nope… still salivating at every The Keg commercial.  Omg, I am even writing a BLOG post about my need for steak.  It’s disgusting. 

Personal justification: It really doesn’t even make sense why I am avoiding steak.  Part of this new healthy-diet of mine is minimizing fats and maximizing protein. With the right cut of steak (Round, Sirloin.. Fillet… etc etc), grilled on a flame (not the amazingly yummy flat top) and marinated with minimum sodium content.  It’s actually super healthy, the protein will help me build muscle and with mroe muscle, I burn more calories and fat.  The important thing is to order a side of veggies instead of mashed potatoes or fries.   Ok.. I am convinced. 


Omg…. Look at you… you juicy, hunk.


Mushrooms are good for you too!


So I’ll see you at the friendly neighborhood Steakhouse, k?

Speaking of Steak houses.  Everyone knows Outback was my ultimate fav.  And since it’s shut-door in Ontario, I’m like a baby without it’s favorite toy…. or a carnavore without meat.  I’ve also befriended a lot of the ex-managers, cooks of the restaurant, hoping they will recreate the steak greatness for me.  One day… maybe…  I have gone as far as dating an ex- Steak chef.  (he hasn’t made me very many steak meals… last time was Feb I think)  Anyhow, through a grape vine, I heard the ex restaurant manager is Opening his own franchise in place, with the exkitchen manager as…. kitchen manager….THE GREAT CANADIAN STEAKHOUSE In the same location.  I’ve already contributed to the new menu.  Calamari, glazed salmon with sesame thai glaze.   So it’s going to be awhile until it opens.  But I’ll definately be there opening day!



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Weekend Agenda


That’s the Ahi tuna crisp from Moxie’s! Delicious~ It’s a must try!

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Kickass Dinner

The first meal I learned to make was Speghetti and meat sauce when I was in my teens. Over the years, I have perfected the art, adding more spices and marinating and changing temps etc. etc.
There are many variations depending what materials I have to work with.
This is what I made on Friday night:
I started with sauteeing the onions. I normally julianne the onions because I love onions, but since Marc likes them diced and barely noticeable. Add some garlic, salt and pepper to make the onions super yummy and tasty.
Once the onions are nice and soft add in ground beef. I used a lb of extra lean meat.
I didn’t have time to marinate the beef, but it is very important to flavor the meat, even just 1/2 hr of marinating would suffice. Instead, I just added some oregano, fresh chopped basil (from my plant), chili flakes, thyme and S&P.
I always add a touch of wine when marinating, but since I didn’t, I’ll add it while I’m browning the meat. To ensure that the meat really absorbs the flavors, I turned it to medium heat to cook it slowly. The ideal is to cook it at low, but I’m impatient and hungry.
I used 2005 Monte Cheval Vranac this time. I got it as a house warming gift awhile ago. Later found it it costs less than $10 a bottle. Cheap bastards. But it’s pretty hearty, with indistinct sour berry fruit, leather and earth. I read it has a touch of Cabernet Savignon in it too. Not good to drink, so I use it for marinate. BTW, my gneral rule for marinating with wine is simple. (because I am a simple person) White meat=white wine. Red meat=redwine. It makes so much sense…
I hope you started boiling the water for your pasta when you started the onions… the timing is almost perfect to have everything finish at the same time. As an ex-cook, timing is crucial to ensure your entire meal is done at the same time so hot dishes doesn’t sit and cools for no reason. I added some frozen mixed veggies to add some color to the dish. I also cooked broccoli on the side because I want to make sure I don’t eat too much carbs.
Make sure your drain the meat of the oil first. Nothing is more disgusting than an oily pasta sauce. It is recommended that you even rinse the meat with hot water. I prefer not to, just to savor the taste. I like using canned tomato sauce, it makes my life 5 billion times easier. I used Unico this time because it’s the brand that Marc always buys. Not my favorite. BRAVO is the best tomato sauce ever, it only has 1 simple kind, not like some that has like: tomato basil, parmesan, vodka.. blah blah blah. Bravo is just a simple tomato sauce base that lets YOU make it to what you want it to be. They’re normally at the very bottom of the shelf at grocery stores because it’s cheap like 99 cents a can.
Add more spice.. I added more fresh Basil this time, we were craving tomato basil… plus our basil plant is dying. This is when you add spices to your sauce. Don’t taste the sauce for flavor right now, it won’t taste like anything, you have to let you cook on low for a good 10 minutes before the flavors start emerging.
Wanted more wine in the sauce too.
Drain pasta, pour desired amount of sauce ontop, garnish and.. VOILA!!!
(I know.. bad presentation with the drippy sauce… whateve.)

Enjoy 🙂

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P7091161The best thing about my apartment has got to be the stone’s throw distance from Victoria, where all the best festivals are held.  From July 9th-12th, it’s Sunfest!  After a nutritious dinner at Swiss Chalet, we took a walk to the park to check out the festivities. 


I think this year’s sunfest is a lot busier than ever! A lot more vendors.  considering it was a Thursday night.  It was BUSY!!!!  Crowds and crowds of people everywhere.  Note to all the parents out there, a toddler with a bike is not a good idea to go through the festival with.


The agonizingly tempting aromas of all the different food vendors is not for anyone on a diet.  So I highly suggest you take a detour away from the main diagonal walk path from the north west to the south east corner of park.


I find the side paths are where all the gems are.  There, I found tons of little vendors with great hand made crafts and original pieces that haven’t been seen before.  I haven’t had a chance to explore every booth because of Toddler and my impatient soul.


Inspried lines, by Leah Marlene Wilb definitely caught my eye! Featuring original black and white ink art.  The detail involved in the pointilism and the intricate line work is enough to make me swoon. 


Another Gem I found is Nharo! Paul WellHauser  Featuring fair trade art from Africa.  This amazing littly Rhino is made from ironwood, heavy as hell.  It is normally $380.  But this poor little fellow has a chipped ear and is on sale for $180.  Get it before it’s gone!  Marc and I were so tempted to take him home.  If we see it on Sunday we’re definitely going to grab it. 

I found a list of all the exhibitors as well.

We’re going to go again on Sunday night when we don’t have the little toddler to really enjoy the festival.  Here’s a list of performers for the festival as well. 

I urge everyone to come and check it out.  It’s quite a hoot.  But don’t stop there, there are some other amazing shops and restaurants on Richmond Row as well.




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Super Yummy Spicy Fish-shaped Crackers!!!only 155 cals.  mmmmm….

Probably not good for me… but… mmmmmmm


Best of all, it’s only 1.99 for 3 boxes!! going to get some more after work 🙂

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Why eat Well When You Can Eat Crap?


Ths was a weekend of eating CRAP! I don’t recall eating any true green vegetables, but I do remember going through Drive Thrus a lot.  A Whole lot.


We started Saturday morning with a super yummy Ham Omlette with hashbrowns and Spicy Ketchup from Chez Moi.  It was so delicious…. I think I make the best omlettes in the world.  Maybe I should open a restaurant.

I found the cutest girl boxers at H&M! These were in the kids’ section and were sized 14 yrs.  But they fit great!! They’re all sparkly and adorable!.  Marc loves them too… 😉 They’ve got tons of cute Hello Kitty stuff there like barettes, hair clips, socks etc etc.  I haven’t gone shopping in a mall for a long time… It was so hard not shopping when I went there to grab some swim shorts for Christopher so we can go to the beach…  WILL POWER… WILL POWER…. All I got were his swim shorts and my undies! YAy me!


We then took a little nap on the couch all cuddled up.  We’re definitely the gayest couple ever. 


We woke up way too late to go to the beach, instead, we’re going to head to the food fest.  We grabbed some Mc D’s for the little hungry buggy and Marc and I shared a McChicken, just before heading to the FoodFest; we’re smart like that. 


They had the same rides for the kids as Kids Expo… So why bother going to both?  Overall, I was pretty dissappointed at the entire festival.  There wasn’t any good shopping.  Marc just found a place that sold 3 T-shirts for $20 that he picked up because he needed a present for his friend. 
The food vendors weren’t spectacular either.  They had several well known restaurants like Under the Volcano, Sammy’s Tanakaya Etc. there selling their best yummy products.  But nothing I haven’t tried before.  I wish it was even more internation and showcased fod that is truly rare.  Maybe I just eat out too much.   Maybe I didn’t have apetite for anything because I just had a Mc Chicken… I don’t know….
Christopher decided that he wouldn’t leave until he played with the rubber duckies, so we let him and he won a little green froggy which he adored. Hearing him retell the story was totally worth it. “I picked up won, too, free~.. free duckies. then man said no more, then I put duckies back in water…” AWWWWW…. I’m smitten… just smitten.
We walked home from the festival with a soft served ice cream cone each. I still say “Thank you for the ____, Marc” Everytime he pays for anything for me. He thinks it’s the cutest thing. What can I say, I was brought up with good manners.
Our friends Amanda and Darryl called us up and we headed down to Cambridge to see Darryl’s new house. On our way, we stopped by Wendy’s because Christopher was hungry. He had a kids meal and Marc and I shared another chicken sandwich.
There was a fireworks display at a nearby park at 10pm, it was pretty impressive considering that it was only a suburb-subdivision area event. Marc picked Christopher up-side down because he thought it’d be funny, and he ended up puking on Amanda. And we all got eaten alive by mosquitoes; Good times.


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A Twist, A Spin, and a Loop


It was the first day of summer, the summer solistice, the longest day of the year, an absolutely gorgeous day… What does Lainy do? GO TO WONDERLAND BABY!!  We woke up from a sleep depriving house party and decided that the best way to nurse a hangover is being spun and jerked around in an enclosed compartment. 


We went to Ikea first, which we had to turn around about 6 times despite having a GPS because Lainy was trying to recover from the inebriating experience the evening previous.  We effortlessly spent $200 but returned a gorgeous $60 wall art because it didn’t fit in the car.  we’re such losers.

Marc pointed this out to me, I kept picking spiny, whirly rides that made both of us nauseous thinking that those are the recovery rides after the big ones. But we always emerge sick and headachy. Which of course, can be cured with food. Apparantly, Wonderland food is so awesome that the can charge 3 Xs the norm. Yes, we had a slice of Pizza Pizza (dwarfed slice mind you) for $7.99. No comment, we ate it and was angry eating it, but we ate it.

We went on all of our usual rides, Mindbuster, Top Gun (no longer called Top Gun since Paramount does own it anymore, but everyone still refers to it as Top Gun) The standing up rollercoaster and this Superman ride… I realized that upside down doesn’t phase me.  Bring on the loops babe! But the up and downs are what gets me sick.  I hate the G force… I hate the butterflies in my tummy…. it hurts…. I hate it.. I hate you.


You.. as in Marc…. I was forced to ride on the Bohemoth, the tallest, most G Force causing ride in the entire park. The drop was practically 90 degrees. While I was crying in line, I looked around and there were lots of little boys and girls on the ride, unphrased, calm, relaxed and happy. And here I am, a 23 year old grown lady crying because of fear. I am not afraid I’d die, I’m more logical than that. I’m afraid of the FEELING of the G Force. How it makes me cringe and bite my teeth and tense every muscle in my body. That’s what I was afraid of. But I was sort of convinced that since all the wee ones were going I should be ok… Then…. I was strapped in….. I felt so damn helpless because there was NO TURNING BACK…. it made a quick turn… then it went upwards… and upwards… and upwards…. and upwards… and upwards… I was frantically crying and cursing Marc for doing this to me. I tried to search for the most secure and comforting position: my one arm latched around his, while gripping damn tight to the resitraint. (which was minimal btw!) and my left leg hooked to his. Alas, I was at the top… for a second or two, it looked like it was going in slow motion… the train slowly pointed down to this 300 something metre drop… staring down the track of this insanely long drop…
My scream could’ve shattered all the glass in the entire park. Up… down.. up.. down… around and over and twist here, loop there. Then it came to a sudden stop. I turned to Marc with messed up hair and a pout. Then a smile. I am so glad he forced me onto the ride, it wasn’t as bad as I thought (maybe cause my eyes were closed most of the time) I think it’s also because it’s a metal coaster so it’s so much smoother.

I conquered it. And I am so proud of myself. Marc was proud too, he rewarded me with the yummiest Funnel cake ever. Though it made me feel so nauseous the whole ride home. MMm… deep fried pancake batter with ice cream and icing sugar…. Grease attack to death!
We love Wonderland…. ♥ ♥ ♥

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