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What do you do when the sunsets?


I haven’t been out to the bars in London for awhile… My friends think I’ve been kidnapped or raped! This set was from 2 months or so ago during Club Mansion’s White Party.  I was super excited to go, but then we didn’t get in.  Guess we aren’t as special as we thought.

So we ended up at Cello where we drank European Beer and fancy martini’s.  People think it’s weird that I go to the bars with Marc.  I love going to the bars with him.   We have very mutual friends so we party well together.  He’s like my protector at the bar, making sure I don’t get in any trouble. 

I think we’ve gotta go to the clubs this Friday… I miss dancing~I’ve got this new dress from Sirens (I normally never shop there, but it was short and cheap) It’s not quite fancy enough for Mansion or 29, so I think I’m going to head to The Frog or Club Large. 



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Kid’s Expo & The Puppy Carriage

It was a weekend of activities. I really don’t know why I can’t just stay home and relax. So on Friday, we went to the Kid’s Expo. I told everyone that I needed to go because of Christopher and he’d love it, but really, I went there for the funnel cake.

The rides were not spectacular even through my 3 year-old’s eyes.  There were 4-5 rides that the kids can go on.  Christopher picked the car-merry-go-around, and a spiny bus ride.  He was not impressed on the merry-go-around because he didn’t get the to drive the car from the frount seat.  It’s just like any other car ride for him.  I went on the little up and down bus with Christopher and when I got off, I felt like I was going to puke.  Never knew I’d be too old for kids rides, but alas, I am 😦


Stacey decided to join us in our outting.  She brought her two little chihuauhuas with her in a little carriage!! It was adorable.  Though we got a little funny looks from people, I thought it was a great contraption.  Little dogs get tired from walking too much so the carriage allows them to rest whenever they need to.  Added bonus, it keeps the dogs back from being able to attack other dogs in the park.  Not like they can do any harm really. 


You know what I learned at the Expo? they don’t make chocolate coins anymore! What s up with that?


O and guess who I saw? NIKKI! I didn’t say hi hecause I was a huge chicken and I look like a huge bag-hoe with a crazy friend who has dogs in a carriage and a manic son.  But her son was on stage!!!  YAY!


So It was an okay time, we had funnel cake that made me sort of sick and some fries that taste like ass.

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Felicitation.. or something like that


My work BFF just graduated from college! To give him a big WOo Hoo, I threw him a little Pizza and Wing Party.  (Am I the BEST manager or what?!) We got Pizza Pizza we got a medium pizza deal with 10 wings AND 4 pops for $19.99.  What a fanny tassy iccy deal!  If you haven’t already noticed, there are two things I love: Food and a Great Deal!P6170759

Definitely not a good pic.  I took this on a rainy day as I was driving down Dundas about to turn left.  Notice the green light? Probably not a good time to be taking a photo.  But I thought I need to take a pic of the wonderful Thames River Fountain before I forget.  Normally, I am not pleased with these useless spending of our city tax moula, but I am impressed by this fountain in 2 ways:


1. Artisticly: It’s awesome because when you are driving down Riverside towards Dundas, you can easilly pass by this fountain without noticing it.  But one look in your rearview mirror and you see this great curvature of water bridging from what appears to be the road you just drove by.  Did you drive under a water fountain and not notice it?  Nope, just an illusion.  Kind of like life itself; you can go through life and completely miss something incredibly just because you’re not paying attention and you look back and realize what you’ve missed and be awed.  Kind of like London really.  You can life in this city and think how boring and how ridiculous the city council is.  But if you leave the city, you’ll notice what great things you’ve missed. 
2.  Functionality.  Now I never read up on this or researched it.  This is simply through the word of mouth.  Everyone knows that our Thames River is as toxic as Lake Springfield so no one really wants to be sprayed by the water of the fountain when the wind’s at a bad position.  Well the ingenious designers have created a contraption that detects the wind direction and adjusts the nossel and water pressure accordingly.  How cool is that?

Ok.. I’ve rambled on more than I’ve wanted so I’m going to give it a rest.  Au revoir mes Amis.  Bon Nuit!

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Improviso: Grand Bend

I cannot sit at home all day and stare at a TV. Infact, I can’t stay at home very long at all. I am always out and about, especially if the weather is gorgeous. So I came up with this idea to search for a friend for my little Piggy tealight holder. One thing led to another, and the bf and toddler were packed up and we were on our way to Grand Bend’s Flea Market.
The GPS took us to “the Pinery” Flea Market just outside of Grand Bend. I’ve never been to a real flea market before, I had high high hopes. The only flea markets I’ve seen were on Teasure and deco shows like “Sarah’s Cottage” and “Trading Spaces”. What happened to those shows anyways? They used to be all the hype on TLC; reno and deco. Now it’s all about the disfunctional families of a trillion kids. But I digress… Ya, they always seem to find amazing stuff at Flea Markets and I think I should too.
Seriously, when you are used to driving 2+ hours to Toronto every weekend. the one hour drive to Grand Bend feels like you’re driving across town. That’s what I kept saying to Marc, of course he disagreed; probably because he was the driver.
Marc made a comment about how our relationship was extremely fair and compromising. Simply because I offered to drive home since he drove there. This is a good sign, I thought I’m definitely holding the better end of the stick, but since he hasn’t caught on yet, I can continue.
Maybe I shouldn’t put this picture up… This is clearly, not the proper carseat buckling, he must’ve wiggled it out of place or it just wasn’t tightened enough. I can assure you, this is not the normal way he’s buckled. Anywho, The Flea Market was not as impressive as I thought, though the antique fire truck was the most amazing thing to Christopher. He’s amazed by all things mechanical.
Quiz of the day, Why is the word “Fire Dept” written backwords? It’s the same reason why ambulances are. So drivers can see it read “Fire Dept.” Written properly in their rear view mirror. Most people knew this. Marc didn’t think I did.
I love the setting of the flea market, it was under a bunch of old trees so it was shady and cool. From far, it looks kind of like a hobo town or a Gypsy market. I guess that’s where Flea Market orginated from. I was hoping for more antiques and crafts. But instead there were a lot of Fake Chanel and Gucci, Grandma’s house antiques and other mass marketed merch. “Sham-Eeze” was there for godssake.
Note to self: Bring CASH when shopping at a flea market. Seems like common sense, but it skipped our minds. But it stopped me from buying a lot of junk that I wanted just cause it was shiny.
Marc bought me my little VooDoo Friend Keychain, he also bought Christopher 2 dinky cars, a chocolate croissant and a delicious cookie. It was amazing though, I thought Christopher would’ve wanted a lot of toys, but when we walked through vendors with toys, he showed some interest but then had no interest in taking them home. We finally stopped at a vendor with a bin full of little toys. He picked and chose for a good 10 minutes and settled on 2 dinky cars for $2.
Overall, we had a good time, but it wasn’t as spetacular as I expected. I didn’t find a friend for little piggy. Maybe I had my hopes too high so I was bound to be disappointed. We ended the day in Grand Bend with a late lunch and played at the playground on the new boardwalk of the beach.


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Gold’s Gym London

img_SPX5675I’m all up for trying the best and the newest.  Yesterday, Marc and I  signed up for a 7 day free trial to Gold’s Gym.  It’s one of the most popular gyms in North America and it boasts as “the largest co-ed gym chain in the world, recognized for our passion, unique heritage, and experience as the authority in fitness. We inspire our members with unrivaled energy, and provide the finest equipment and fitness knowledge available to help our members achieve their individual potential. “

The London is a gorgeous 86,000 sq ft facility with incredible amenities, unlike any other health & fitness club in London!  It definitely is gorgeous in the inside and I was tempted to join simply because all their equipement are brand new.   Marc and I both loved the Ipod docking station at every machine that is directly connected to every machine’s touch screen system where you can listen to your music or watch TV.  They also have USB drives at every machine so you can record your progress and basically customize your workout for you.  How cool?

I haven’t tried it out yet, but there is also a cardio theatre where you can watch the screening movie in a theatre setting while doing your cardio.   Like most gyms, there are classes and personal trainers available.  As well as  steam showers, sauna, hot tub, lane swimming pool and kiddie care.  My favorite part of the gym has got to be the Woman’s section.  They have a woman’s only fitness area (pfft no use to me personally, I like showing off my bod as I work out) a very pretty change room and private showers.  I will post pics up when I go again tonight.

The one thing I hate about the gym is that it is in butt-fuck-no-where on the SOUTHSIDE of hwy 401. 

Anyone wanna join me tonight?


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2’s My Lucky Number


Marc and I now have a new obsession, all we want to do is buy stuff for our lil apartment.  I think we need more life in the apartment.  We went and got four little herb plants to put on the window sill: Lavender, Parsley, Basil and Mint.  All I can smell now is Basil in our house. Last night during a late night grocery run, we got some red roses too.  Just to make is appear as if he bought me red roses.  But it’s just all just for show. In fact, I paid for those roses myself.


I am not quite inpressed with the photo quality, my bberry Camera sucks. My PC’s been infected with some sort of virus/worm thing for awhile now and refuses to load. So my digicam pics are trapped in the camera… for now. I’m going to get a laptop soon, and free those photos onto facebook and the rest of the web.
I snatched this lil iron piggy tealight holder from HomeSense over the weekend. Normally, I am not a piggy fan, but I’m so in love with its lil wings and snout.  I’ve made it my mission to find a little friend for him, so on Sunday, we decided to go on an inpromptu trip to Grand Bend to search for the legendary Flea Market of all Flea Markets.  Pics from that day will come soon.


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