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Really?… OK…

This is going to be my PSM-provoked-emo-post of the month.  Please make sure you smack me in the back of the head when you pass by.

Yesterday, while I was out and about with appointments, I left my blog open in the office on my computer.  So when I returned to my office she mentioned that she saw my site.  I immediately flustered up, I wasn’t even sure what I expected her to say.  Of course, being on the net doing random crap during paid hours is not out of the norm, but this blog is kind of private to my work life. 

She, “What was that? Do you think you are Judy(something.. don’t remember) with step by step instructions to make speghetti?”

Me, “I don’t know, I guess I have a lot of free time.”

She, “Well why do you have a blog?”

Me, “hmm… bored I guess.”

I could barely answer her.  I really am not sure why I have this blog.  Yes, it does kill time and allow my creativity flow, and it gives me a great excuse to take shit loads of pics.  But deep down, I don’t know why.  I kind of want to say that it’s because I think I live a fabulous life and I am amazingly interesting that I must share with the world.

If it’s just my outlet for my inner narcissim.  This narcissim isn’t agreed by most.  As witnessed by my survey regarding this blog, I’ve only gotten negative responses.  That’s quite the stab at my ego.  (Now don’t you all go and try to cheer me up by hitting the positive feedbacks a trillion times. )

Maybe I’m doing it for the social aspect of it.  I’ve always had tons of friends.  and now most of friends have moved away from London, I need a way to keep my social butterfly personality occupied.  Plus, one can never have too many friends right? 

It feels like this blog isn’t serving any purposes that I had envisioned it to.  Maybe there’s an inner reason why I made this blog that I just need to uncover.

Why do you blog?
Any tips on creating a successful blog?



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Self-pity induced motivation

I’m in full swing for my body-reshaping! I am not calling it diet because that’s a negative term! As a marketer, you learn to take these negative terms out of your vocabulary.  I am not on a diet, I am not trying to slim up.  I am BODY-RE-SHAPING!

P7081152 Work out’s been going quite good so far.  We went to a fitness assessment on Tuesday.  All I can say is, I need a lot of work.   I want to get fit, but not enough to pay 69.99 every week, but I do want it.  I’ve been going to the gym pretty consistently.  I start with a 20 minute cardio work out on the eliptical: 5 min warm up, 3 minutes of fast, 2 minutes of slow etc. etc. and followed by a 5 minute cool down.  Just so my heart doesn’t explode, I then do my weight/resistance/muscle training.  Whatever you call it.  I work with moderate weights (30-70 lbs depending on the muscle) about 3 reps of 5.  Probably not enough.  I also do some situps, some body bend down thingy during this time too.  I follow it with another 20 minute on the treadmill, 5 min warm up, 3 minute fast, 2 minutes slow etc etc. and a cool down.

Yesterday I was motivated and even swam 5 laps in the pool too.  Today, I woke up feeling a tad like something shot everyone of my muscles but I’m still full of energy.  Good thing ♥ ♥ I wanted to go back today, but Marc advised me to take it easy and do pilates and a walk instead.  Deal. 

I found this website that is basically a free trainer.  Hence the name stupid. It can get you a personalized fitness plan complete with what machines you should do on what days as well as  nutrition plan.  Check it out 🙂

Any fitness people around? Am i doing anything wrong? What should I modify?  Keep in mind, I am trying to lose weight and tone my body.

Thanks and Much ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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