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One Gold Star for you

Has a man ever made you feel like the most amazing thing in the entire world.  Like you are worth the world and beyond? You realize what love is, not because any one particular thing, but you sit back and reflect and realize how absolutely incredible someone is and you just cannot live with them.


You might hate them sometimes, you want to kick  them in the balls a million times cause they say mean harsh words (that they probably don’t mean).  But you don’t, not only because it’s incredibly inhumane, but because well, you love them. 

There are a million reasons why I love Marc, but the latest episode made him just toppled the LOVE scale. 

This is what happened:

Thursday about 10pm after returning from the gym, we had a huge arguement involving salad dressing pounding on counter, Marc storming out and me going MIA until 1am.   And all this drama was because I got angry at him for not eating dinner…  We love blowing things out of proportion. 

Long story short, we made up cuz we both realized that we couldn’t stay mad at each other… I knew I was over being mad when I came out from the bathroom and I saw him when he got home and couldn’t stop myself from having a half grin from seeing him.  (And our make up sex is always fantastic.)


So not even 24 hrs after we fought, I came home from the gym to see fresh flowers on our dining table, a card and a…… SWAROVSKY bag!  Couldn’t believe it… it was a lovely little tearjerker card, a lululemon gift certificate AND a huge swarovsky ring!!!


All these are “just because” gifts.  There was never a boyfriend that has ever gotten me a just because gift.  It’s just  like my birthday!  What surprised me was that he picked the one that I loved most, and the sizing was perfect!


I am one lucky girl. 


He did good.


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P7091161The best thing about my apartment has got to be the stone’s throw distance from Victoria, where all the best festivals are held.  From July 9th-12th, it’s Sunfest!  After a nutritious dinner at Swiss Chalet, we took a walk to the park to check out the festivities. 


I think this year’s sunfest is a lot busier than ever! A lot more vendors.  considering it was a Thursday night.  It was BUSY!!!!  Crowds and crowds of people everywhere.  Note to all the parents out there, a toddler with a bike is not a good idea to go through the festival with.


The agonizingly tempting aromas of all the different food vendors is not for anyone on a diet.  So I highly suggest you take a detour away from the main diagonal walk path from the north west to the south east corner of park.


I find the side paths are where all the gems are.  There, I found tons of little vendors with great hand made crafts and original pieces that haven’t been seen before.  I haven’t had a chance to explore every booth because of Toddler and my impatient soul.


Inspried lines, by Leah Marlene Wilb definitely caught my eye! Featuring original black and white ink art.  The detail involved in the pointilism and the intricate line work is enough to make me swoon. 


Another Gem I found is Nharo! Paul WellHauser  Featuring fair trade art from Africa.  This amazing littly Rhino is made from ironwood, heavy as hell.  It is normally $380.  But this poor little fellow has a chipped ear and is on sale for $180.  Get it before it’s gone!  Marc and I were so tempted to take him home.  If we see it on Sunday we’re definitely going to grab it. 

I found a list of all the exhibitors as well.

We’re going to go again on Sunday night when we don’t have the little toddler to really enjoy the festival.  Here’s a list of performers for the festival as well. 

I urge everyone to come and check it out.  It’s quite a hoot.  But don’t stop there, there are some other amazing shops and restaurants on Richmond Row as well.




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Virtually Window Shopping…

I feel like a whale, I’m not big on shopping because I don’t want to try anything on.  But this hasn’t stop me from doing some online window shopping. No more Emo Lainy

Lately, I’ve been having issues with tops.  It’s very rare that I get inspired to purchase a top.  When I say “top” I mean fashion tops.  I see a lot of T-shirts and a lot of Blouses.  But they don’t inspire me at all!   Not that I’m a crazy hip fashionista or anything.  I’m pretty minimalist and definitely monochromatic.  I’ve found some good stuff online 🙂

Please try to follow along….

Let’s start with Mod Cloth:



I ♥ ♥ ♥ this one..


Told you I was monochromatic


Ya.. definitely 100% ♥♥♥

There’s tons more I love from ModCloth… too much to post.. click on the image to get to the page btw 🙂


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What’s yo Problem~


It’s been a month, and finally, the stars we bought Christopher from Ikea’s up.  I marked to holes to where the screws are supposed to go.  He trusted me.  with great skeptisim of course… and… now there’s a hole in the wall, an extra screw, and an empty screw hole.  He laughed at my inability to do simple markings.  Mr. Carpenter Marc did the next one… opps he forgot to check for studs… so we have another empty hole, and another extra screw.  The third one worked.  Third one’s a charm right?


I love the view from my bed on a nice day~ see that tall glass building? It’s the Scoitabank building, it makes London look city-ish.  I love how it reflects the clouds and the sky.  AWWW… I am so easily amused.


I got these cutiest at Walmart yesterday! I thought they were so cute and cheap! Only $9.95.  So Christopher chose the doggy and I chose the cow.  (I tried to sway him to pick the cow cuz I wanted it, but he insisted on doggy, so I got both)  Everyone watched him with an “awwww” as he walked around the store trying to juggle these two softies.  Then on our way out, a lady asked who they’re for, so Christopher said, “they’re mine.” Then the lady made a snarly comment of how mommy spoils him.. blah blah blah… Whatever, find out the facts before you judge! One’s mine! In fact, I swayed him to get them when secretly I wanted them!…. maybe it’s because he also has a race car set in his hand.


They’re huge, soft and cute… Loves them!  Yes, Christopher has claimed them both to be his.. but that’s fine with me, as long as I get to cuddle with them when I watch TV.  He took this pic btw.. what a cutie. 🙂  I really don’t mind spoiling him.  Marc saids I should stop.  But I was spoiled growing up.  And look! I’m just fine.


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Why eat Well When You Can Eat Crap?


Ths was a weekend of eating CRAP! I don’t recall eating any true green vegetables, but I do remember going through Drive Thrus a lot.  A Whole lot.


We started Saturday morning with a super yummy Ham Omlette with hashbrowns and Spicy Ketchup from Chez Moi.  It was so delicious…. I think I make the best omlettes in the world.  Maybe I should open a restaurant.

I found the cutest girl boxers at H&M! These were in the kids’ section and were sized 14 yrs.  But they fit great!! They’re all sparkly and adorable!.  Marc loves them too… 😉 They’ve got tons of cute Hello Kitty stuff there like barettes, hair clips, socks etc etc.  I haven’t gone shopping in a mall for a long time… It was so hard not shopping when I went there to grab some swim shorts for Christopher so we can go to the beach…  WILL POWER… WILL POWER…. All I got were his swim shorts and my undies! YAy me!


We then took a little nap on the couch all cuddled up.  We’re definitely the gayest couple ever. 


We woke up way too late to go to the beach, instead, we’re going to head to the food fest.  We grabbed some Mc D’s for the little hungry buggy and Marc and I shared a McChicken, just before heading to the FoodFest; we’re smart like that. 


They had the same rides for the kids as Kids Expo… So why bother going to both?  Overall, I was pretty dissappointed at the entire festival.  There wasn’t any good shopping.  Marc just found a place that sold 3 T-shirts for $20 that he picked up because he needed a present for his friend. 
The food vendors weren’t spectacular either.  They had several well known restaurants like Under the Volcano, Sammy’s Tanakaya Etc. there selling their best yummy products.  But nothing I haven’t tried before.  I wish it was even more internation and showcased fod that is truly rare.  Maybe I just eat out too much.   Maybe I didn’t have apetite for anything because I just had a Mc Chicken… I don’t know….
Christopher decided that he wouldn’t leave until he played with the rubber duckies, so we let him and he won a little green froggy which he adored. Hearing him retell the story was totally worth it. “I picked up won, too, free~.. free duckies. then man said no more, then I put duckies back in water…” AWWWWW…. I’m smitten… just smitten.
We walked home from the festival with a soft served ice cream cone each. I still say “Thank you for the ____, Marc” Everytime he pays for anything for me. He thinks it’s the cutest thing. What can I say, I was brought up with good manners.
Our friends Amanda and Darryl called us up and we headed down to Cambridge to see Darryl’s new house. On our way, we stopped by Wendy’s because Christopher was hungry. He had a kids meal and Marc and I shared another chicken sandwich.
There was a fireworks display at a nearby park at 10pm, it was pretty impressive considering that it was only a suburb-subdivision area event. Marc picked Christopher up-side down because he thought it’d be funny, and he ended up puking on Amanda. And we all got eaten alive by mosquitoes; Good times.


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Down the Bunny Hole

alice-topperiI’ve always loved Alice in Wonderland.  My mother bought me a hardcover antique version of it as a little girl and I remember rereading it a trillion times over.  Losing myself to the mystery to the fantasy that surrounds the story.  Tim Burton is recreating the movie with real life characters.  And Tim Burton’s right hand, Johnny Depp is the Mad Hatter.  Mia Wasikowska as Alice, Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, and Anne Hathaway as the White Queen.  See images HERE

ist2_2501606_alice_in_wonderlandRemember Gwen Stefani’s Alice in Wonderland phase?  I love it so much.  I love the fashion that surrounds it.  The magically blue, the frilly-ness the black bow and white socks and Mary Jane shoes. 

harajuku_grlsA lot of designers tried to recreate fashion inspired by Lewis Carrol’s acid-trip stories.  I wish I could quote you some designers, but I cannot.  Because that’s not important.  Just absorb the talent and take what you can out of it.




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Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

LAINYThis is my tribute to Asian Poses.  I would do more, but I’m just not quite Asian Model material.  I’ve had many gents propose their undying wish to sleep with me.  Not because I am so lovable, seductive or sizzling.  But simply because I am Asian.  *sigh* To be a fetish…

P6180764I had the day off yesterday.  I planned for an ultra productive day of Getting-My-Shit-Together.  You know, do things that I normally can’t do because I work Mon-Fri:9-5…  Went to the Ministry of Health on York St.  It only took about 30min with a 14 min wait time.  What a pleasant surprise! I took Christopher with me and I packed him toys, juice and even a little sandwich just in case this is going to be a whole day excursion.  Better to be prepared than not right?

P6180765I came up with a brilliant idea to put more charges on my credit card, and went over to CakeWalkers to order a just because cake.  I walked in and told the chicky at the counter that I wanted a “just because” cake.  The ones on the display were nice but not special enough.  I suddenly came up with a brilliant idea to get a Maple Leafs cake since Marc loves the Leafs (and I threw out everything that has anything to do with the Leafs when he moved in)

As she was fillin the order sheet, I remembered that it was our friend Dave and Drew’s housewarming party this weekend. And HE Loves the Leafs! SCORE!  I got a housewarming present out of the way and by telling Marc that the cake idea originated from me thinking about him, I get extra points! It’s ok, my brilliance scares me too. Gonna pick it up on Sat, will post pics of my brilliance then. 


Ok… so I didn’t leave empty handed yesterday, I got a slice of moccachino cake, a slice of strawberry orange and 2 truffles too.  I should’ve taken pics but they were in our tummies within 5 minutes.  Everyone should find an excuse why they rock and go to Cake Walkers and reward yourselves with a slice of cake.  I think they were 2.45 each or something insane like that.  mmm

Lainy and Friends are heading to the Children’s Expo tonight! See everyone there 🙂


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