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A Twist, A Spin, and a Loop


It was the first day of summer, the summer solistice, the longest day of the year, an absolutely gorgeous day… What does Lainy do? GO TO WONDERLAND BABY!!  We woke up from a sleep depriving house party and decided that the best way to nurse a hangover is being spun and jerked around in an enclosed compartment. 


We went to Ikea first, which we had to turn around about 6 times despite having a GPS because Lainy was trying to recover from the inebriating experience the evening previous.  We effortlessly spent $200 but returned a gorgeous $60 wall art because it didn’t fit in the car.  we’re such losers.

Marc pointed this out to me, I kept picking spiny, whirly rides that made both of us nauseous thinking that those are the recovery rides after the big ones. But we always emerge sick and headachy. Which of course, can be cured with food. Apparantly, Wonderland food is so awesome that the can charge 3 Xs the norm. Yes, we had a slice of Pizza Pizza (dwarfed slice mind you) for $7.99. No comment, we ate it and was angry eating it, but we ate it.

We went on all of our usual rides, Mindbuster, Top Gun (no longer called Top Gun since Paramount does own it anymore, but everyone still refers to it as Top Gun) The standing up rollercoaster and this Superman ride… I realized that upside down doesn’t phase me.  Bring on the loops babe! But the up and downs are what gets me sick.  I hate the G force… I hate the butterflies in my tummy…. it hurts…. I hate it.. I hate you.


You.. as in Marc…. I was forced to ride on the Bohemoth, the tallest, most G Force causing ride in the entire park. The drop was practically 90 degrees. While I was crying in line, I looked around and there were lots of little boys and girls on the ride, unphrased, calm, relaxed and happy. And here I am, a 23 year old grown lady crying because of fear. I am not afraid I’d die, I’m more logical than that. I’m afraid of the FEELING of the G Force. How it makes me cringe and bite my teeth and tense every muscle in my body. That’s what I was afraid of. But I was sort of convinced that since all the wee ones were going I should be ok… Then…. I was strapped in….. I felt so damn helpless because there was NO TURNING BACK…. it made a quick turn… then it went upwards… and upwards… and upwards…. and upwards… and upwards… I was frantically crying and cursing Marc for doing this to me. I tried to search for the most secure and comforting position: my one arm latched around his, while gripping damn tight to the resitraint. (which was minimal btw!) and my left leg hooked to his. Alas, I was at the top… for a second or two, it looked like it was going in slow motion… the train slowly pointed down to this 300 something metre drop… staring down the track of this insanely long drop…
My scream could’ve shattered all the glass in the entire park. Up… down.. up.. down… around and over and twist here, loop there. Then it came to a sudden stop. I turned to Marc with messed up hair and a pout. Then a smile. I am so glad he forced me onto the ride, it wasn’t as bad as I thought (maybe cause my eyes were closed most of the time) I think it’s also because it’s a metal coaster so it’s so much smoother.

I conquered it. And I am so proud of myself. Marc was proud too, he rewarded me with the yummiest Funnel cake ever. Though it made me feel so nauseous the whole ride home. MMm… deep fried pancake batter with ice cream and icing sugar…. Grease attack to death!
We love Wonderland…. ♥ ♥ ♥


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