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To Bring?… or Not?

In less than 2 weeks I will be flying off to C.U.B.A. for a week.  not 5-day “week”… an entire 7-day week”!  So Uber-Uber-Uber excited!!!! …. o Shit just suddenly realized that I’ll be back the thursday before Thanksgiving.  Well, I knew that.. but completely forgot about the whole Thanksgiving dinner issue.  S.H.I.T.

oh well, I’ll worry about it later.  Right now, I have to worry about the trip.

I haven’t been to any tropical resort destinations.  As a Hong Kong-nese we went to Thailand, Singapore as the Asian Mexico, but that was LONG ago!  Don’t even remember what it was really like…. (except the Thailand pineapple fried rice… mmm….) I have no idea what to bring! What to wear!  The number 1 fear for most people when travelling is being ill prepared.  No, there’s no stats for that.  But since it’s true for me, must be for everyone else too.  We are going to Manzanillo, Cuba, a less developed and poorer part of the country.  Simple necessities will be expensive, and difficult to obtain.

I know there are some simple necessities:


  1. Swim suit (3)
  2. Shorts/skirts (4-5)
  3. Flip Flops (1)
  4. Flats/Sandal Flats (2)
  5. Summer Dress (2)
  6. Flowy evening sexy dress (2)
  7. Straw Hat
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Under garments
  10. Sweater
  11. Simple Accessories (want some earthy bangles and necklaces)

Other misc:

  1. ALL toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, louffa, floss)
  2. Make up
  3. Curling iron
  4. Adapter plug
  5. Bug Repellent
  6. Hair Spray
  7. Tylenol & simple first aid
  8. Camera & charger
  9. Hair Brush
  10. Sunscreen

 I know, vanity items took up most of the list.  That’s why I need your help to think of little things that I might need.  Also, are there any good island fashion tips? What are some good styles to wear three? Something simple, appropriate yet sexy?

Here are some looks I like:




Awww… so romantic.  Definitely going to leave all my black pieces at home


Cute as a frikkin button


For hanging out in the city.. substitute with denim shorts


Pink one at the bottom… too cute… must have!


ooo you sum it up so well! 🙂 I’m going to take you as my shopping list!



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Blue sky, Clear Water…&… Flabs


My best friends and their boyfriends are going to Cuba.  After swinging back and forth for weeks, we finally decided to go with them.  I am not a beach person.  I am not an all-inclusive resort person.  It’s not that I dislike the beach.  Swimming in seas scares me because of the unknown under me, but I’m sure I can get over that.  Really, i am just way to insecure about my body to go with them.  If it was just Marc and I, I’m sure I can spring up enough courage for it.  But alongside my gorgeous and well toned BFFs, I really don’t know.  I will probably come back, look back at the pictures and burn them all before any eyes can be laid on them. 

As it stands right now, there is 3 months between today and the date of departure.  I don’t have a specific plan. other than go to the gym and do ridiculous amounts of cardio and resistence trainning. With regards to my consumption, I’m going to cut down on carbs and cut out sugars and salts.  I am not looking for a specific number I want to lose.  All I care is about how I look, so that means no more lose flabs.

Any Tips? Any good supplements?


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It’s like Honeymoon without the Marriage


We woke up at about 10am after the most comfortable sleep both of us had in a long while.  Marc thinks it’s because it was a King Size bed and I didn’t intrude into his sleeping space. 


We went to a super cheap Buffet for breakfast Al Mac’s Buffet The food was really yummy.  I even ate baked beans… not really sure why it’s a breakfast food but it was yummy.  The drink prices were a tad ridiculous and got suckered into paying for a bottle of water for no real reason. 


And we were off to start our day of adventure.  We started at the aviary.  It was kind of expensive.  It costs $38 for the two of us to get in.  There was a reptile section and a small caged bird section.  We were then led to a small aviary section, it was about the size of a classroom.  There were lots of cute little birds but nothing impressive.  After leaving there, there was an arrow to go down the stairs so we did.  And it lef us RIGHT BACK to the reptile section! We wandered around the same circle a couple times in disbelieve that we spent $38 on this crap.  Just as we were about to give up and leave, I found a dark corridor that led to an area for nocturnal animals…


And it led to a REAL Aviary!! I was so excited to see that we didn’t waste more of our money on crap. 


We took tons of pics of random birdies but this one is my fav.   We kept taking pics of ourselves then we started arguing and a lady pitied our struggle and offered to take pics for us.  I don’t like asking ppl cuz it’s so tourisy… but when they offer I can’t refuse.


Pretty shitty pic but at least she tried.


We got bored of the place pretty quickly.  I guess we learned something about ourselves that day.  We don’t care about birds much. And we definitely don’t care about learning at all; We didn’t stop to read a single sign.


I was super excited about the butterfly conservatory! So excited that I used my basic instinct to drive us there without map or  GPS.  We pulled over because we saw a bike path at the bottom of a little hill that seemed to have a pretty nice view. 


Too bad I didn’t clue in to the fact that I was wearing heels and the hill was STEEP!  Marc being the super boyfriend that he is, carried me down the hill.  After the downhill ordeal we hung out in the area for a bit, did some rated R make out session, then went for a little walk.  Discovered that was a look out point about 500 m from where we parked with a parking lot and no dangerous downhill slope and all that crazy stuff. 


Oo Rapids/Whirlpools.  I love discovering a place without maps and just going with the flow and see what exciting place it’ll take us.  Next time we’ll go explore somewhere more exciting than Cheapo-Canadian-Vegas: Niagara Falls.


“Hey Marc, the water looks so refreshing.  Can I dive in for a swim?”

“Sure babe… Hey, did you know that area in the water is called a flat spot where you can get sucked right down to the bottom?”

“You don’t say…”

“Look over there, rapids.”

“hmm… I forgot to bring my swimsuit.”


Probably not a good idea to swim down there… Thanks for smacking some common sense back into me.  We hung out for a minute or so more,  then I realized my Bberry isn’t in my pocket, panicked and ran back to the car to make sure it was there. 


Loved the Butterfly conservatory It was no bullshit maze.   It was: here you go, butterflies.. have fun.  Loved it. 


Marc felt pretty damn special that the butterfly landed and perched on him for awhile.  I told him that the butterfly was mating with him and he’s now carrying butterfly eggs in his skin. 


I learned to make full use of my camera that day, I learned to focus, adjust light, shadow etc.  Maybe I’ll freelance as a photographer now…  Nah…


The Flora there was super interesting too.  Everyone was gathered around this phallic little plant because the leaves were moving, so maybe it’s an animal down there.  No, silly peeps, it’s the air machine under it making the leaves wave.


“The Butterflies are Feeding Please do not Disturb.”  It’d be funny if that was on Marc when the butterfly perched on it.  I always come up with funny pic oportunities AFTER the fact.


This is my favorite picture at the butterfly conservatory.  I was trying to blow on the butterfly so it’d spread it’s wings to reveal the Gorgeous Blue underneath.  No Dice.


No Buttterflies landed on me, I guess I am just not spawning material.  I can live with that.  We laid under a tree for a little bit to relax because it was such a chill day.
I am not going to bore you with anymore butterfly Pics I have a whole bunch of them.. they are on facebook 🙂


Not quite sure why half of the pic is blurry….


Our chill period didn’t last long cuz we saw a carriage ride with a gorgeous horse.  Couldn’t be bothered to pay for the ride, so we just took pics with it.


She had sadness in her eyes… She probably misses her horsey family. 


Why not visit Niagara-on-The-Lake while we were in the region? It’s got such an old Victorian country-side Flare to the streets, gorgeous.  I think I’ll retire there and own my own winery.  I’ll call it “Etourdir.”


We parked and went for a little walk and browsed the shops.  There was a Christmas store there with some pretty awesome ornaments.  It was a tad too premature for us.


Mark looks like an adolescent there. 


If we didn’t spend all that cash the day before we could’ve done some serious shopping there.  A lot of Trinket and craft store that London doesn’t have.  My feet started to hurt after an hour of walking so we got some ice cream and headed for home.


I really think these trips are great for our relationship.  It keeps our love fresh and exciting.  Everyone gets tired of the mundane and having these trips once a month is like honeymoon over and over again.


PS: We finished our trip without looking at the Falls ONCE. 

PSS: My bberry was in the car.. it didn’t get lost.  THANK GOD!


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Keepin’ it So Fresh and So Clean


It all started with a conversation with a client regarding steak houses:  He enjoys The Keg, I prefer Outback.  I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to take a drive to Niagara Falls to go to the only Outback in Ontario *tear*tear* for their fresh salmon, homemade honey mustard dressing and fresh calamari.   


As we drove down it was crazy rain-sunny weather.  We saw a total of 8 raindows.  Absolutely crazy!!  Maybe we’ll win the lottery or something.


We had dinner before we checked-in because Outback closed at 10pm.  Marc ran into an old friend of his who is now the GM of that Outback.  No discounts were offered.  Boo.  The meal was pretty damn yummy, but there were changes and autistic-side of me dislike changes.  They jacked the prices up like crazy too.  We ate $96 worth of food which normally would’ve cost us $64.  So the surprise was Chocolate Strawberries.  I knew Marc wasn’t a huge fan of chocolate strawberries but it was this or rose petals on the bed for the same cost.  I’d rather something I could eat. 


The strawberries without flash.  They were uber delicious! The top were pistashio covered, then almonds, GOLD Flakes and the bottom ones were white chocolate.  YUM. YUM Yum.  I devoured them all myself.


There was a jacuzzi tub in the room too! and it had a window that led to the bed how convenient is that?  We had fun in it…. …


We got dolled up and went to Dragon Fly Night Club. 


OOO Feature DJ.. should’ve researched the DJ before going.  Paid $20 cover to simple melodic House Music.  It drove me nuts cuz he used beats from other DJs so I kept thinking it was a song I liked.. but no no no… just the same beat over and over again.  We got bored pretty quick, wasted our money and left.


Narcisstic Lainy loves mirrors~ and grand hotels have a lot of Mirrors.


It’s shitty that Marc isn’t crazy about taking loads of Pic.  Maybe he needs a reason fo taking pics, he needs to start a blog. Haha… I hate asking him to take pics of me.  And when I do.. I get angry cuz he doesn’t take good Pics. 


It was 1:30 am and I jumped right back into the jacuzzi tub.  Might as well take advantage of it while we got it.


Marc had more less-blogable pics on his phone.  This soak was cut short cuz of different urges~ ya..

Good Night.


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I ♥ Marc

We’re going to Niagara Falls tonight! 🙂 We just have to find a cheap hotel now! 🙂 I am uber excited 🙂 I love love love LOVE ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ him for going along with my crazy spur the moment trip ideas!

He’s in for a BIG SURPRISE… shhh….

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Why eat Well When You Can Eat Crap?


Ths was a weekend of eating CRAP! I don’t recall eating any true green vegetables, but I do remember going through Drive Thrus a lot.  A Whole lot.


We started Saturday morning with a super yummy Ham Omlette with hashbrowns and Spicy Ketchup from Chez Moi.  It was so delicious…. I think I make the best omlettes in the world.  Maybe I should open a restaurant.

I found the cutest girl boxers at H&M! These were in the kids’ section and were sized 14 yrs.  But they fit great!! They’re all sparkly and adorable!.  Marc loves them too… 😉 They’ve got tons of cute Hello Kitty stuff there like barettes, hair clips, socks etc etc.  I haven’t gone shopping in a mall for a long time… It was so hard not shopping when I went there to grab some swim shorts for Christopher so we can go to the beach…  WILL POWER… WILL POWER…. All I got were his swim shorts and my undies! YAy me!


We then took a little nap on the couch all cuddled up.  We’re definitely the gayest couple ever. 


We woke up way too late to go to the beach, instead, we’re going to head to the food fest.  We grabbed some Mc D’s for the little hungry buggy and Marc and I shared a McChicken, just before heading to the FoodFest; we’re smart like that. 


They had the same rides for the kids as Kids Expo… So why bother going to both?  Overall, I was pretty dissappointed at the entire festival.  There wasn’t any good shopping.  Marc just found a place that sold 3 T-shirts for $20 that he picked up because he needed a present for his friend. 
The food vendors weren’t spectacular either.  They had several well known restaurants like Under the Volcano, Sammy’s Tanakaya Etc. there selling their best yummy products.  But nothing I haven’t tried before.  I wish it was even more internation and showcased fod that is truly rare.  Maybe I just eat out too much.   Maybe I didn’t have apetite for anything because I just had a Mc Chicken… I don’t know….
Christopher decided that he wouldn’t leave until he played with the rubber duckies, so we let him and he won a little green froggy which he adored. Hearing him retell the story was totally worth it. “I picked up won, too, free~.. free duckies. then man said no more, then I put duckies back in water…” AWWWWW…. I’m smitten… just smitten.
We walked home from the festival with a soft served ice cream cone each. I still say “Thank you for the ____, Marc” Everytime he pays for anything for me. He thinks it’s the cutest thing. What can I say, I was brought up with good manners.
Our friends Amanda and Darryl called us up and we headed down to Cambridge to see Darryl’s new house. On our way, we stopped by Wendy’s because Christopher was hungry. He had a kids meal and Marc and I shared another chicken sandwich.
There was a fireworks display at a nearby park at 10pm, it was pretty impressive considering that it was only a suburb-subdivision area event. Marc picked Christopher up-side down because he thought it’d be funny, and he ended up puking on Amanda. And we all got eaten alive by mosquitoes; Good times.


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Kid’s Expo & The Puppy Carriage

It was a weekend of activities. I really don’t know why I can’t just stay home and relax. So on Friday, we went to the Kid’s Expo. I told everyone that I needed to go because of Christopher and he’d love it, but really, I went there for the funnel cake.

The rides were not spectacular even through my 3 year-old’s eyes.  There were 4-5 rides that the kids can go on.  Christopher picked the car-merry-go-around, and a spiny bus ride.  He was not impressed on the merry-go-around because he didn’t get the to drive the car from the frount seat.  It’s just like any other car ride for him.  I went on the little up and down bus with Christopher and when I got off, I felt like I was going to puke.  Never knew I’d be too old for kids rides, but alas, I am 😦


Stacey decided to join us in our outting.  She brought her two little chihuauhuas with her in a little carriage!! It was adorable.  Though we got a little funny looks from people, I thought it was a great contraption.  Little dogs get tired from walking too much so the carriage allows them to rest whenever they need to.  Added bonus, it keeps the dogs back from being able to attack other dogs in the park.  Not like they can do any harm really. 


You know what I learned at the Expo? they don’t make chocolate coins anymore! What s up with that?


O and guess who I saw? NIKKI! I didn’t say hi hecause I was a huge chicken and I look like a huge bag-hoe with a crazy friend who has dogs in a carriage and a manic son.  But her son was on stage!!!  YAY!


So It was an okay time, we had funnel cake that made me sort of sick and some fries that taste like ass.

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