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Useless Thursday: 1000 Awesome Things

1000 Awesome Things


This site was featured on Fresh FM this morning.  It brings a little smile on my face.  Neil goes on the site everyday and posts 1 awesome thing everyday.   It’s definitely one of those simple, feel good sites. 

1000 Awesome Things



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Useless Thursday: This is Why You’re Fat

Stumbled onto this site on google when searching for, “fatty foods” It’s so ridiculously disgusting but you just can’t turn away because it’s so interesting and captivating. Why? why do you need to do that to yourself.

Double BBQ Burger Stack

Burger with two patties, pulled pork, BBQ sauce, bacon, cheese and slaw.


GAHHHHHH!!!!!!! These are just creations of food obsessed people that crave certain food(s), so they just have to put it all together and eat it at once to get the satiating feeling. But in reality, there are so many contradicting tastes that it’s like palette overload and taste like nothing but a clog artery.

I think I’m going to open a restaurant in Texas featuring all these menu items.  It’s not difficult really, I just need to stock up on bacon, hot dog, fries, waffle batter, ice cream, cheese, gravy and ground beef.  And I’ll just name it, “This is why you’re fat.” just like that, blatantly and honestly that I’ll make you fat.


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Useless Thursdays: Passive-Aggreesive Notes

I’ve been known to be quite the passive-agressive person. Basically, I’m a bitch and somewhat fake and sarcastic.  I’ve been writing passive-aggressive notes for years.  Mainly directed to a) bfs during war-times b)people parking in my parking spots c)roommates.  How excited I was to find an entire site dedicated to the art of Passive-Aggressive Notes.


Feel free to browse around the site for hrs of useless laughter.  It’s made me Laugh Out Loud creepily in my office several times. Or! Buy the book and take the laughter with you everywhere you go. 

No, Go Ahead, Enjoy… It’s my gift to you.

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Useless Thursday v.07.02.09

This is my first Bored Thursday where I feature links that will entertain you while you wait for Friday to Arrive.


“Sharing a precious Engrish with Vigor.”
A site dedicated to  humorous English mistakes that appear in advertising, product labels etc.

Would you like to win your very own Engrish Shirt by Herrohachi? The lovely and talented KYM is giving away a hand made Engrish shirt!
Wha you waiting for?  Hur-lly up la!! July4th ends contest!!!! Touch me tenderly to go to happy place!


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