Buh bye puppy


Moose, aka Eddie from Fraser died today! He’s the picture perfect dog.  He will always be remembered as the dog with the most personality from his role in Fraser. 


The beloved Taco Bell Chiuahua’s life was also tragically cut short on July 22, 2009 from a stroke.  Wonder how many people will come to his memorial?  I am not a Taco Bell fan personally, but that ad campaign did rock. 



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Really?… OK…

This is going to be my PSM-provoked-emo-post of the month.  Please make sure you smack me in the back of the head when you pass by.

Yesterday, while I was out and about with appointments, I left my blog open in the office on my computer.  So when I returned to my office she mentioned that she saw my site.  I immediately flustered up, I wasn’t even sure what I expected her to say.  Of course, being on the net doing random crap during paid hours is not out of the norm, but this blog is kind of private to my work life. 

She, “What was that? Do you think you are Judy(something.. don’t remember) with step by step instructions to make speghetti?”

Me, “I don’t know, I guess I have a lot of free time.”

She, “Well why do you have a blog?”

Me, “hmm… bored I guess.”

I could barely answer her.  I really am not sure why I have this blog.  Yes, it does kill time and allow my creativity flow, and it gives me a great excuse to take shit loads of pics.  But deep down, I don’t know why.  I kind of want to say that it’s because I think I live a fabulous life and I am amazingly interesting that I must share with the world.

If it’s just my outlet for my inner narcissim.  This narcissim isn’t agreed by most.  As witnessed by my survey regarding this blog, I’ve only gotten negative responses.  That’s quite the stab at my ego.  (Now don’t you all go and try to cheer me up by hitting the positive feedbacks a trillion times. )

Maybe I’m doing it for the social aspect of it.  I’ve always had tons of friends.  and now most of friends have moved away from London, I need a way to keep my social butterfly personality occupied.  Plus, one can never have too many friends right? 

It feels like this blog isn’t serving any purposes that I had envisioned it to.  Maybe there’s an inner reason why I made this blog that I just need to uncover.

Why do you blog?
Any tips on creating a successful blog?


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Feature blogger: Heather

Hey everyone! It’s Heather from TotallyHeather.com. And I am so thrilled to be a guest writer for Lainy’s blog!

All day I’ve struggled with an idea to write about. Of course, when I’m under pressure, I get writer’s block. It’s something my publisher would change about me. In fact, it’s definitely something I would change about myself. It’s just another flaw to add to the list of life changes I’m trying to accomplish.

The first and most time consuming change that I am attempting to accomplish is changing my body. Right now, I have a far from ideal body shape and I’m actually really self-conscious about it. So how am I changing that? I hit the gym 6 days a week for about 2 hours. I’m eating healthier and six small meals a day instead of 3 large meals and a some junk food snacks. Right now, I stand at 5’2” and weigh… Well, we won’t exactly go into that. Instead, here’s a picture of me now and you can guess how much I weigh. This is my bravely sharing my BEFORE bikini shot. I can’t wait til I can show my AFTER shot.


Another physical change I want to make is my teeth. In high school, my wisdom teeth came in. Well they kind of came in. I have a very small mouth and they came in sideways. They pushed all of my teeth together and actually killed the inside of my front two teeth. So now they are inwards and kind of brown. So I’m saving for braces. And after I get braces, I’m going to get Lumineers to cover those two teeth. I’m actually so self-conscious about my teeth that I don’t smile with my teeth in pictures (this is me and my friend Erin at Disney trying on baby hats):


As it is, I’m actually a very outgoing person. I’m very social and I love to be around people. But strangely enough, I actually have relatively low self-esteem. I’m guessing it’s because of the latter two items that I commented on. So I’m trying to put myself out there more. I’m trying to be braver by smiling more often and not being too scared to wear a bathing suit in public. My first step in tackling that is by showing all of you what I look like in a bikini. I’m still in shock that I did that.

For me, change is exhilarating and great. And I only strive to change things that I know I can change. Otherwise, my efforts would be fruitless and I would make myself even more unhappy by trying to change things that just can’t change.

This is such an odd post for me. But I’d love to hear what you guys have to say! And I’d love to see you over at TotallyHeather.com!

Oh yeah, you can stalk me on Twitter @totallyheather


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Customer Survey

The Happy Lainy just celebrated its 1 month anniversary. As a marketer, I know how important feedback is. So tell me what you think so far…

** You can click as many answers as you like. 🙂
***Answers are anonymous

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Feature Blogger

 Heather from Confessions of  a Lazy Writer will be writing a feature post to shed some of her insights, thought and feelings.  Heather is an amazingly talented writer with extra doses of emotion and passion.  Her and I have a lot in common.  We’re both narcissitic and loves taking pictures of ourselves infront of mirrors.  We’re also both very white-washed Asians living in North America.  We’re also both members of the 20-something blog. Check out Confessions of a Lazy Writer to learn more about her…

Her blog will be posted later on 🙂

I will also be featured on her blog as well, so make sure you bookmark her site 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Would you still be my friend?

If I owned a Ferrari? And cruised around the city flashing my sexy car?


What if it was a Ferrari Testarossa 512TR?


What if it was Hello Kitty tripped out?


I didn’t think so…. I wouldn’t be either….


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A|X Summer 2009

I am not nearly as huge of a brand whore as I used to be.  Probably because I am now in poverty, no longer living under the moneytree protection of my parents.  But I digress….

I stumbled upon the A|X 2009 Summer collection and I love its entireity.  It’s bold, classy yet sexy. 



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