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Tour de ma ROOM

I love how the sun sets at 9pm. Though it’s making me sleep later, but I seem to have so much more energy.
We’ve been decorating the house this week, we got some more photography framed and hung them up on our boring balcony door wall. Still got to find a couple of large pieces on our walls.
Adding some green to our apartment, this is my little herb garden. My little parsley, basil, mint and lavender plant. I ask them everyday when I come home if they’re thirsty, so I water them, hoping they’ll grow nice and big so my culinary delights can be well garnished and spiced.
I have a little tribute to my closest friends and family in my room. I don’t have very many family pictures up, but that’s only because they’re not big on getting their pics taken. I’m sure my little collection with grow.
Marc made me this gorgeous vanity when he was learning carpentry! He made it so that the 2 sides can slide together to become a dresser and the mirror can be folded down as well. It was stained a mahogony brown just the way I love it; the picture just doesn’t do it justice. This is my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house.
My walk-in closet is a total and utter mess. I would like to organize it one day, but that day isn’t in the near future. Maybe if I have one of those days when I do a crazy top-to-bottom-to-top clean/organization.
This is what I wanted to wear going to watching Transformers 2, but I later decided that it was way too prositute-like and prob. better saved for the bar. I didn’t have time to take a picture before I ran out the door…. but it was a kitty-cat t-shirt and black skirt.
What a horrible pose, I look so slouchy and lazy… I swear, my posture is slightly better than that. Decided to slut it up at work today.. this slit it’s hip high. Completely inappropriate but I am not really seeing clients today…

It’s a gorgeous day so I think I’m going to a patio somewhere and hang or tan.. or whatever… see you k? bye!


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