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He thinks I give a damn…

Is it full moon today?
Or does everyone have something stuck up their ass?

It’s one of those days when everyone calls just to bitch about one thing or another. I won’t get into the details of the individual complains, but they are all attributed to the customer’s neglect, not our problem. If it was amistake of ours, I have no problem issuing an reimbursement or resolving the problem peacefully and immediately.

I am generally regarded as the “nice” manager, the one that is soft in the heart and let customers win the battle. I obtained this attribute from working as a waitress and restaurant manager where the customer is always right. Anyhow, today I am taking no bullshit and if you piss me off, you are going to get it.

This applies to the business next to ours that came in to bitch about something that we were doing in front of the store (again not giving details) and how it will result in possibly losing his customers. Like I gave a shit…


…The Happy Lainy is definitely Grumpy Lainy today…


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