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Ever since I started this huge lifesyle altering workout and diet regime, I haven’t had a big delicious, juicy, tender, slightly charbroiled, smothered in a marinate glaze… STEAK. 

To examplify this lust, my friend just called and invited me to a BBQ this Friday; my RSVP is dependant on the presence of the guesof honor, Steak.  Also, for the past 3 days, I’ve been trying to find a Steak-like asatiation during my dinner.  Maybe a chicken breast’s protein would equate, maybe a grilled Salmon with Montreal steak sauce? Nope… still salivating at every The Keg commercial.  Omg, I am even writing a BLOG post about my need for steak.  It’s disgusting. 

Personal justification: It really doesn’t even make sense why I am avoiding steak.  Part of this new healthy-diet of mine is minimizing fats and maximizing protein. With the right cut of steak (Round, Sirloin.. Fillet… etc etc), grilled on a flame (not the amazingly yummy flat top) and marinated with minimum sodium content.  It’s actually super healthy, the protein will help me build muscle and with mroe muscle, I burn more calories and fat.  The important thing is to order a side of veggies instead of mashed potatoes or fries.   Ok.. I am convinced. 


Omg…. Look at you… you juicy, hunk.


Mushrooms are good for you too!


So I’ll see you at the friendly neighborhood Steakhouse, k?

Speaking of Steak houses.  Everyone knows Outback was my ultimate fav.  And since it’s shut-door in Ontario, I’m like a baby without it’s favorite toy…. or a carnavore without meat.  I’ve also befriended a lot of the ex-managers, cooks of the restaurant, hoping they will recreate the steak greatness for me.  One day… maybe…  I have gone as far as dating an ex- Steak chef.  (he hasn’t made me very many steak meals… last time was Feb I think)  Anyhow, through a grape vine, I heard the ex restaurant manager is Opening his own franchise in place, with the exkitchen manager as…. kitchen manager….THE GREAT CANADIAN STEAKHOUSE In the same location.  I’ve already contributed to the new menu.  Calamari, glazed salmon with sesame thai glaze.   So it’s going to be awhile until it opens.  But I’ll definately be there opening day!



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Feature Blogger

 Heather from Confessions of  a Lazy Writer will be writing a feature post to shed some of her insights, thought and feelings.  Heather is an amazingly talented writer with extra doses of emotion and passion.  Her and I have a lot in common.  We’re both narcissitic and loves taking pictures of ourselves infront of mirrors.  We’re also both very white-washed Asians living in North America.  We’re also both members of the 20-something blog. Check out Confessions of a Lazy Writer to learn more about her…

Her blog will be posted later on 🙂

I will also be featured on her blog as well, so make sure you bookmark her site 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Anti-Sunfest… Carnival


Getting ready to go out for the afternoon after a nap.  I felt pretty good about myself because I got my teeth whittened with that Rambrandt stuff.  (Even though it didn’t do much, I felt like it did, so it was a confidence boost in itself.)  I will later regrett wearing this outfit. See Marc in the background checking himself out in the mirror? I’m not the only one in the household that’s narcissistic.


We went to Sunshine carnival.  Thought for sure it’d be packed being a Saturday afternoon and since Sunfest was insanely busy, this should be too… But it was pretty much empty. 


Christopher b-lined to the rubber duck stand, he went right in and picked three..  well guess I have to pay for it.  This fishing game made me reminisce about those little toys I had when I was a kid, so I let him play that too.  And he got 3 stupid little ugly fish plushs that he’s forgotten about by dinner time.


Aww what a handsome little guy…  He loves riding in cars.. all things mechanical anyways.  He’s going to grow up to be an engineer.  I asked the shrimpy little attendant if I can pose with the pink little car… he awkwardly said yes, kind of like I was crazy.  I then pussy-ed out because there were little kids and their parents around me.  And my skirt was a tad too short for a family setting.


Noticed how his steering wheel is turned the right way? What a smarty! We realized that this wasn’t a coincidence, he did it on every ride.  Just a smarty he is.  the kid behind him didn’t do it right… there’s no bright future for him.


I’m too tall for all the rides. 😦 so not fair!


I love these motorcycles!!! Wanted to pose on these too.. but Marc had an arguemment with the carny about how Leafs rules and Red Wings Sucks.. blah blah blah… They are both losers to me. (the teams and the two of them)


We didn’t stay much longer cuz I’ve spent $40 bucks in like 30 minutes and the wind kept picking up my skirt and I had to skirm and pull it down and hide behind Marc. Why I don’t think ahead and not wear bright pink undies when wearing a light skirt is beyond me.

I wasn’t very impressed with the rides, games, carny attitude. Would’ve much rather Western Fair. I was so surprsied at how dead it was. I guess hosting it the same weekend at Sunfest was a bad idea. If it was like RIGHT beside sunfest it’d be crazy busy. but it’s so darn far away, there’s no concurrant traffic. Come on. Simple business sense people!


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What’s yo Problem~


It’s been a month, and finally, the stars we bought Christopher from Ikea’s up.  I marked to holes to where the screws are supposed to go.  He trusted me.  with great skeptisim of course… and… now there’s a hole in the wall, an extra screw, and an empty screw hole.  He laughed at my inability to do simple markings.  Mr. Carpenter Marc did the next one… opps he forgot to check for studs… so we have another empty hole, and another extra screw.  The third one worked.  Third one’s a charm right?


I love the view from my bed on a nice day~ see that tall glass building? It’s the Scoitabank building, it makes London look city-ish.  I love how it reflects the clouds and the sky.  AWWW… I am so easily amused.


I got these cutiest at Walmart yesterday! I thought they were so cute and cheap! Only $9.95.  So Christopher chose the doggy and I chose the cow.  (I tried to sway him to pick the cow cuz I wanted it, but he insisted on doggy, so I got both)  Everyone watched him with an “awwww” as he walked around the store trying to juggle these two softies.  Then on our way out, a lady asked who they’re for, so Christopher said, “they’re mine.” Then the lady made a snarly comment of how mommy spoils him.. blah blah blah… Whatever, find out the facts before you judge! One’s mine! In fact, I swayed him to get them when secretly I wanted them!…. maybe it’s because he also has a race car set in his hand.


They’re huge, soft and cute… Loves them!  Yes, Christopher has claimed them both to be his.. but that’s fine with me, as long as I get to cuddle with them when I watch TV.  He took this pic btw.. what a cutie. 🙂  I really don’t mind spoiling him.  Marc saids I should stop.  But I was spoiled growing up.  And look! I’m just fine.


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Felicitation.. or something like that


My work BFF just graduated from college! To give him a big WOo Hoo, I threw him a little Pizza and Wing Party.  (Am I the BEST manager or what?!) We got Pizza Pizza we got a medium pizza deal with 10 wings AND 4 pops for $19.99.  What a fanny tassy iccy deal!  If you haven’t already noticed, there are two things I love: Food and a Great Deal!P6170759

Definitely not a good pic.  I took this on a rainy day as I was driving down Dundas about to turn left.  Notice the green light? Probably not a good time to be taking a photo.  But I thought I need to take a pic of the wonderful Thames River Fountain before I forget.  Normally, I am not pleased with these useless spending of our city tax moula, but I am impressed by this fountain in 2 ways:


1. Artisticly: It’s awesome because when you are driving down Riverside towards Dundas, you can easilly pass by this fountain without noticing it.  But one look in your rearview mirror and you see this great curvature of water bridging from what appears to be the road you just drove by.  Did you drive under a water fountain and not notice it?  Nope, just an illusion.  Kind of like life itself; you can go through life and completely miss something incredibly just because you’re not paying attention and you look back and realize what you’ve missed and be awed.  Kind of like London really.  You can life in this city and think how boring and how ridiculous the city council is.  But if you leave the city, you’ll notice what great things you’ve missed. 
2.  Functionality.  Now I never read up on this or researched it.  This is simply through the word of mouth.  Everyone knows that our Thames River is as toxic as Lake Springfield so no one really wants to be sprayed by the water of the fountain when the wind’s at a bad position.  Well the ingenious designers have created a contraption that detects the wind direction and adjusts the nossel and water pressure accordingly.  How cool is that?

Ok.. I’ve rambled on more than I’ve wanted so I’m going to give it a rest.  Au revoir mes Amis.  Bon Nuit!

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