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Rape my childhood why don’t you?

I grew up in a very different culture than the one most of you are familiar with in the Western World. Hong Kong was just as, if not more technologically advanced than North America. Our economy prospered and was labelled the shopping heaven of Asia. (ok, now Tokyo took over the title) Children didn’t have Sesame Street and Barney to sing along to. Instead, we had gruesome adult-rated Sailormoon, Dragon Ball and yes, Transformers. All school aged kids know how to sing both the Japanese and Cantonese version of the Dragon Ball theme song.

When we moved to Canada, we took these fond memories of our favorite cartoons with us that are sacred to us, and we held it dear. Then Japanese animation’s popularity were an international hit. Horridly dubbed Sailormoon and Dragon Ball aied on YTV and Cartoon Network. Imitation action figures and toys were available at toy stores everywhere.

I, amongst many Asian kids were saddened by this phenomenon. These cartoons were special to us; something that defined our identities. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to share it with the world, but by making horrible action figures, dubbing the cartoon with completely wrong conversations, makes it into a horrible joke.
Maybe I am taking this too personally. We grew up with great respect to these animation. America took over it, bought it, whatever, and took the sanctity of it away. Raped it basically. And broke it down from something with sophistication to mainstream idiocracy.

I am sure any Comic book Intellect can relate when the X-men movie came out. The movie just doesn’t quite stick to the same story of the comic.

I am sure any true punk can relate when Simple Plan declared themselves as punk music. The raw emotion and meaning of Punk is stripped and simplified for the mainstream audience.

This is my review of Transformers. This, along with the new G.I. Joe movie, the DVD Dragon Ball movie and all the Marvel Movies. They’re all fantastic movies, extremely entertaining and vivid… but at the end, I can’t help but shake my head and sigh…. I feel like my childhood was raped.



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