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Working~ Stuck~ Frustrated~ Uncreative

Toddler’s being a royal pain-in-the-ass today.  Marc said he’s having one of those Lainy days… those Lainy Crabby days.  I wanted to take him to either the fair or the pioneer village.  But he insists on being a little whiny-screamy-annoying pain.  So now I’m stuck inside with him confined in his bedroom.  I am trying my best to ignore to his wailing and screaming for attention, and his occassional, “Mommy, are you happy now? Can I come out now?” I’d reply “No” and then more wailing and screaming….

Mommy’s happiness doesn’t elevate through time, it’s through your behavior….

- September 196

Now I have some much needed/deserved alone time with my new laptop.  Still not 100% happy with it, but at least I can get some updating done.   You see this horrible wordpress template I am sporting right now? I want to convert it to something much more personal and better.  Now, I’m not new to blogging…. I’ve had a blog off and on since I was 14.  But I remember one of the best tools for web design was MS Front Page.   It was one of these programs that seemed completely impossible to find.  If you, or know of anyone that has that program.  Please, do share. 

Any design, theme ideas would be great too.  🙂

Thank you….

PS: BTW, I am thinking about switching over to blogger.


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