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Hope You Partied on Without me


Guess what? I’ve got my laptop!!!

Now I can blog and be a social recruse again!  I regret buying it from Dell, but their purchasing process was so easy… and we all know how much I hate complicated purchases. 


I got the 15 inch Insprion Notebook (I think this image is of a mini… mine isn’t mini, it’s wide screen) I didn’t pay much for the system, under 900 and it included a printer, McAfee for a year, office and photoshop. 

So here’s the beef I have with it:

1) The GodDamn Cursor Pad SUCKs!!!!  I can’t use it for more than 5 mintues without my finger cramping up on me.  I need to press on the pad hard in order to move the cursor… the sensitivity just sucks. 

2) Basic indicator lights MIA.  Num Lock, Cap Lock… we take these indicator lights for granted.  This laptop isn’t equipped with these basic lights, they are displayed on the taskbar.  Probably something that just takes some getting used to.  But right now, it annoys the hell out of me. 

There were many other things that urked me, I can’t quite think of them now, but I am sure I’ll add to this post later.



It’s a gorgeous day, I’m going to take full advantage of today and go to the pioneer village with Christopher, maybe even Western Fair…



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