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Old Maid…to… Urban Decay


I am dressed like an old lady today.  I have a black pencil skirt, a turqoise chemi under a casmere cardigan with black tights and oxford heels.


To top it off, I have a black bow holding my hair up.  Maybe my get-up is making me embody the attitude of an angry old maid.  Explains why I’m so intolerant and bitchy today.


Cut my head off cuz it looks like ass in the photo.


People have asked me how I make my eye liner so sharp and make perfect “wings”. Well here’s the secret: I bought this liquid eyeliner from Urban decay with the best application brush ever. the liner liquid doesn’t clump or dry out and the brush is long, thin and agile that allows perfect application. It’s a tad pricy but definitely worth every penny.


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