About Lainy


Happy Lainy is…
Happy Lainy is about 8395 days old
Happy Lainy is residing at Coordinates: 43°00′00″N 81°15′00″W and on weekends, 43°40′9.01″N 79°23′0.81″W
Happy Lainy is educated enough
Happy Lainy is destined to market the hell outta the world
Happy Lainy is a little bit Japanese
Happy Lainy is mostly Chinese
Happy Lainy is promising to provide the best for her son, Christopher
Happy Lainy is the owner of a house but chooses to rent an apartment
Happy Lainy is ridiculously in love
Happy Lainy is a restless soul
Happy Lainy is a traveller
Happy Lainy is dealing with her 2 second memory
Happy Lainy is dealing with her 2 second attention span
Happy Lainy is short-term obsessive
Happy Lainy is an over achiever
Happy Lainy is not satisfied with being Average
Happy Lainy is extremely impatient
Happy Lainy is…. unfinished


4 responses to “About Lainy

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  2. du sist cool aus aber auch scheise:) 😦

  3. ich kan kein englich sory 😦

  4. Interesting website. Lainy is alot of things and very pretty too!

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