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Anti-Sunfest… Carnival


Getting ready to go out for the afternoon after a nap.  I felt pretty good about myself because I got my teeth whittened with that Rambrandt stuff.  (Even though it didn’t do much, I felt like it did, so it was a confidence boost in itself.)  I will later regrett wearing this outfit. See Marc in the background checking himself out in the mirror? I’m not the only one in the household that’s narcissistic.


We went to Sunshine carnival.  Thought for sure it’d be packed being a Saturday afternoon and since Sunfest was insanely busy, this should be too… But it was pretty much empty. 


Christopher b-lined to the rubber duck stand, he went right in and picked three..  well guess I have to pay for it.  This fishing game made me reminisce about those little toys I had when I was a kid, so I let him play that too.  And he got 3 stupid little ugly fish plushs that he’s forgotten about by dinner time.


Aww what a handsome little guy…  He loves riding in cars.. all things mechanical anyways.  He’s going to grow up to be an engineer.  I asked the shrimpy little attendant if I can pose with the pink little car… he awkwardly said yes, kind of like I was crazy.  I then pussy-ed out because there were little kids and their parents around me.  And my skirt was a tad too short for a family setting.


Noticed how his steering wheel is turned the right way? What a smarty! We realized that this wasn’t a coincidence, he did it on every ride.  Just a smarty he is.  the kid behind him didn’t do it right… there’s no bright future for him.


I’m too tall for all the rides. 😦 so not fair!


I love these motorcycles!!! Wanted to pose on these too.. but Marc had an arguemment with the carny about how Leafs rules and Red Wings Sucks.. blah blah blah… They are both losers to me. (the teams and the two of them)


We didn’t stay much longer cuz I’ve spent $40 bucks in like 30 minutes and the wind kept picking up my skirt and I had to skirm and pull it down and hide behind Marc. Why I don’t think ahead and not wear bright pink undies when wearing a light skirt is beyond me.

I wasn’t very impressed with the rides, games, carny attitude. Would’ve much rather Western Fair. I was so surprsied at how dead it was. I guess hosting it the same weekend at Sunfest was a bad idea. If it was like RIGHT beside sunfest it’d be crazy busy. but it’s so darn far away, there’s no concurrant traffic. Come on. Simple business sense people!



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What’s yo Problem~


It’s been a month, and finally, the stars we bought Christopher from Ikea’s up.  I marked to holes to where the screws are supposed to go.  He trusted me.  with great skeptisim of course… and… now there’s a hole in the wall, an extra screw, and an empty screw hole.  He laughed at my inability to do simple markings.  Mr. Carpenter Marc did the next one… opps he forgot to check for studs… so we have another empty hole, and another extra screw.  The third one worked.  Third one’s a charm right?


I love the view from my bed on a nice day~ see that tall glass building? It’s the Scoitabank building, it makes London look city-ish.  I love how it reflects the clouds and the sky.  AWWW… I am so easily amused.


I got these cutiest at Walmart yesterday! I thought they were so cute and cheap! Only $9.95.  So Christopher chose the doggy and I chose the cow.  (I tried to sway him to pick the cow cuz I wanted it, but he insisted on doggy, so I got both)  Everyone watched him with an “awwww” as he walked around the store trying to juggle these two softies.  Then on our way out, a lady asked who they’re for, so Christopher said, “they’re mine.” Then the lady made a snarly comment of how mommy spoils him.. blah blah blah… Whatever, find out the facts before you judge! One’s mine! In fact, I swayed him to get them when secretly I wanted them!…. maybe it’s because he also has a race car set in his hand.


They’re huge, soft and cute… Loves them!  Yes, Christopher has claimed them both to be his.. but that’s fine with me, as long as I get to cuddle with them when I watch TV.  He took this pic btw.. what a cutie. 🙂  I really don’t mind spoiling him.  Marc saids I should stop.  But I was spoiled growing up.  And look! I’m just fine.


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Blue sky, Clear Water…&… Flabs


My best friends and their boyfriends are going to Cuba.  After swinging back and forth for weeks, we finally decided to go with them.  I am not a beach person.  I am not an all-inclusive resort person.  It’s not that I dislike the beach.  Swimming in seas scares me because of the unknown under me, but I’m sure I can get over that.  Really, i am just way to insecure about my body to go with them.  If it was just Marc and I, I’m sure I can spring up enough courage for it.  But alongside my gorgeous and well toned BFFs, I really don’t know.  I will probably come back, look back at the pictures and burn them all before any eyes can be laid on them. 

As it stands right now, there is 3 months between today and the date of departure.  I don’t have a specific plan. other than go to the gym and do ridiculous amounts of cardio and resistence trainning. With regards to my consumption, I’m going to cut down on carbs and cut out sugars and salts.  I am not looking for a specific number I want to lose.  All I care is about how I look, so that means no more lose flabs.

Any Tips? Any good supplements?


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Tour de ma ROOM

I love how the sun sets at 9pm. Though it’s making me sleep later, but I seem to have so much more energy.
We’ve been decorating the house this week, we got some more photography framed and hung them up on our boring balcony door wall. Still got to find a couple of large pieces on our walls.
Adding some green to our apartment, this is my little herb garden. My little parsley, basil, mint and lavender plant. I ask them everyday when I come home if they’re thirsty, so I water them, hoping they’ll grow nice and big so my culinary delights can be well garnished and spiced.
I have a little tribute to my closest friends and family in my room. I don’t have very many family pictures up, but that’s only because they’re not big on getting their pics taken. I’m sure my little collection with grow.
Marc made me this gorgeous vanity when he was learning carpentry! He made it so that the 2 sides can slide together to become a dresser and the mirror can be folded down as well. It was stained a mahogony brown just the way I love it; the picture just doesn’t do it justice. This is my favorite piece of furniture in the entire house.
My walk-in closet is a total and utter mess. I would like to organize it one day, but that day isn’t in the near future. Maybe if I have one of those days when I do a crazy top-to-bottom-to-top clean/organization.
This is what I wanted to wear going to watching Transformers 2, but I later decided that it was way too prositute-like and prob. better saved for the bar. I didn’t have time to take a picture before I ran out the door…. but it was a kitty-cat t-shirt and black skirt.
What a horrible pose, I look so slouchy and lazy… I swear, my posture is slightly better than that. Decided to slut it up at work today.. this slit it’s hip high. Completely inappropriate but I am not really seeing clients today…

It’s a gorgeous day so I think I’m going to a patio somewhere and hang or tan.. or whatever… see you k? bye!

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2’s My Lucky Number


Marc and I now have a new obsession, all we want to do is buy stuff for our lil apartment.  I think we need more life in the apartment.  We went and got four little herb plants to put on the window sill: Lavender, Parsley, Basil and Mint.  All I can smell now is Basil in our house. Last night during a late night grocery run, we got some red roses too.  Just to make is appear as if he bought me red roses.  But it’s just all just for show. In fact, I paid for those roses myself.


I am not quite inpressed with the photo quality, my bberry Camera sucks. My PC’s been infected with some sort of virus/worm thing for awhile now and refuses to load. So my digicam pics are trapped in the camera… for now. I’m going to get a laptop soon, and free those photos onto facebook and the rest of the web.
I snatched this lil iron piggy tealight holder from HomeSense over the weekend. Normally, I am not a piggy fan, but I’m so in love with its lil wings and snout.  I’ve made it my mission to find a little friend for him, so on Sunday, we decided to go on an inpromptu trip to Grand Bend to search for the legendary Flea Market of all Flea Markets.  Pics from that day will come soon.


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